Become a Green Employee

Want to reduce your footprint at work?

By Chanterelle De Blois
Are you sensing that your company is far from “green”   The good news is change doesn’t have to come from the top.  Change from the bottom can be just as effective.  Leadership is not just hierarchical; you can lead by example and influence those around you. In light of earth day here are some very simple things we can do in the office to reduce use and save. Get people
involved gradually and save your business some money in the process.
1) Be smart about paper use: According to the WWF, paper production is causing a large ecological footprint on forests. While some of this timber is grown in well-managed forests, too much of it is the result of illegal logging and the irresponsible destruction of high value areas. At this rate, Sumatra’s rainforest will be completely extinguished in 20 years as a result of deforestation for pulp for paperSo, always print on both sides and encourage others to do the same, print several pages in one if possible.Ask yourself: Do I really need to print this? Before answering, think of the loss of habitat for wonderful species such as the endangered Sumatran orangutan.
2) Recycle: Call a local company and have them pick up your unwanted recyclables. New air will pick up you recyclables for free (call now 22986222; if you don’t get an answer right away be patient and keep dialing Read More about what you can do
3) Use energy wisely: Billions are wasted on electricity every year on idle computer use alone! Turn it off when you are not using it. It will lengthen the life of your computer while saving precious energy. Use energy efficient light bulbs (LEDs). And the best tip of the day:4) Green your office. Get plants. Plants will help absorb indoor air pollution and generate oxygen. Think about it…you breathe the office air for 8 hours a day.
About the Author
Chantarella De Blois is a self-professed conservationist and sustainable business advocate. She has worked on sustainability projects in the past with nonprofit organizations, the UNESCO and the World Bank. She currently works in risk management for Gulf Bank. She holds degrees in economics and policy from Suffolk and Harvard University and is an MBA student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.
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Twitter: @chanty_deblois







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