Red Paddle Co Q8

By Alec Gribble

As a keen surfer who has been in Kuwait for a number of years I was looking for something water based didn't require the cost and hassle of owning a boat, that I could do by myself, or in a group and was active. It was then I discovered Stand Up Paddle boarding which had the added benefit of being able to paddle board surf on those few occasions that waves occur in Kuwait. My first SUP came from Red Paddle Co, a UK company and I haven't looked back since.


The Red Paddle Co boards are inflatable but are amazingly stiff, in fact most people don't know that they are inflatable until you pack it down and put it away at the end of your session. They are so practical for travel and, even with the paddle into a bag weighing around 19kg in total, this just goes into the aircraft hold as normal luggage. Mine has been with me to Oman, UAE and the UK as well as being put to good use here in Kuwait. I use it as a great stress relief at the end of the day to get out and exercise in the sun, often with other SUP owning friends but also on my own. We also SUP year round, with the winter having the additional benefit of more frequent waves.


I have been a long time owner of a Red Paddle Co board and thought I'd like to start a SUP community here in Kuwait. It seemed that bringing the best inflatable SUP boards to Kuwait was a great way to start this. So through a supportive Kuwaiti friend's company I now import, sell and rent out these great boards. I genuinely believe that they're the best in the market with a number of features that make them stand out from the crowd. Not only are they the most rigid inflatable boards on the market they have new innovations in the pump, carry bag/rucksack and overall construction. 


I offer a free 30 min introductory session, at a local beach in the Messila area, with some basic instruction to ensure that our prospective SUPers are safe and confident. Many people are hooked after this session and end up renting once or twice before finally deciding to take the plunge and get a board of their own. We're currently renting the boards out for KD25 per day (12 hours).  It often doesn't stop there with customers coming back to join in regular SUP sessions where we paddle together up or down the coast. We've taken the boards on boat trips too, inflating them when we get to Umm Al Marradim and the exploring the reef from on top. We have customers taking their boards to the Cayman Islands, Austria and the UK over the Summer months. 


On top of all this are the health benefits. SUPing provides a great low impact Core workout, and you'll notice the benefits from regular sessions relatively quickly. I have found that I get an improvement in just my general sense of well-being, and then when you get that moment when you see fish including cuttlefish, and in particular rays, up close you feel privileged too.


We have a choice of 5 different board models in stock and advise our customers to ensure their board matches their experience and style of paddling with all inclusive prices ranging from KD345 to KD399. As experienced SUPers ourselves we recognise that it is important that we carry a stock of spares and accessories which most other providers in Kuwait don't do. We are going to increase our range adding another 3 models in September and we can also order any of the other models that Red Paddle Co produce. 


Feel free to visit our Facebook page and instagram pages (redpaddlecoq8) to see more or whatsapp on 94422593.









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