Birth Force 7

By By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Hello lovely people! It’s great to be back in Kuwait. I have some exciting news as I will be organizing very soon Numerology workshops for those of you that would like to learn more about it. There is so much to numerology and these workshops will be an introduction to what is numerology is about and how we look at your individual ‘Natal Chart’, ‘Life Path Number’ and your ‘Destiny Number’. These class will be a maximum of 8 people and they will go for 2 hours. If you would like to know more, please feel free to email me on. For now here is some information about the Birth Force 7, enjoy reading.

The birth force 7 is the thinker and scientific who observes everything and has an analytical mind. It isn’t natural for the BF 7 to accept things just like that, they need real facts to put two and two together to decide if it’s the right situation and condition for them to go ahead with what is presented to them. Because of this it will lead to their success through the right opportunities. The BF 7 also has a very intuitive feeling and an ability to understand to understand the hidden and non-apparent facts allowing them to be a developer, discoverer or inventor. Knowledge is power and you need to know the facts in order to move forward, with the right information you will!

Naturally reserved, thoughtful, silent, secretive and extremely selective and whilst they can be very sociable, they don’t care for the common crowd and they do select their friends and environment with respect for dignity and pride. They also have an inner magnetism which is an inspiration to others and a drawing card both in business and friendship.

They aren’t all that adaptable and don’t like been asked questions outright, yet they tend to ask things and demand proof making them seem to be the doubter or even cold and hard. This is what is difficult to understand and at times they don’t even understand themselves but when they take the time to listen to their inner guidance, they will have nothing to fear. The BF 7 needs to be alone at times to get closer to nature and to think as they need to find their true inner self and what it is their soul will connect to. Whilst they may seem like they have no emotion they actually do but they control it extremely well almost too well not allowing others to see that there is a softer side to them. It is like second nature to them to constantly hold back but when they do let go and allow you to see all of their emotions you know that they have trusted you and if that trust is broken there will be no turning back.  When they have finally made a connection, they analyzed it in such a way that they are certain they have made the right decision if this connection is broken it won’t happen again.



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