Number Six Birth Force

By By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

The BF Six is the humanitarian that feels the need to be of service for mankind and doing things that are worthwhile in life. Also, an idealist and you have many opinions about what is right and what is wrong. You can be fairly stubborn about your own truths and you can’t bare injustice to yourself or anyone that you love and care for. You are extremely generous, kind and sympathetic. You have a loving nature and family is of the utmost importance to you. You take your responsibilities in life quite seriously especially when it comes to family matters. You love teaching others and helping the community. Be careful when people ask for your help as you will be known as the “go to” person in times of need. There will always be an opportunist watching you and wanting to take advantage of your kind nature. This is where you need to be wise in your choices and to serve those that truly need your help so don’t feel bad to investigate situations that don’t sit right with you. At times you will give too much to even those that are close to you because you love to help, you need to guard yourself against this as it could lead to loss of money and emotional unhappiness. You are quite fond of your home, family, relatives and close friends and you have an artistic nature. You love all things beautiful, flowers, art, music, luxuries and other creature comforts.

You work best in a harmonious environment. You need to have people treat you with the same love and sympathy you put out for your best growth. You are more controlled by your feelings than you care to admit to, when you become unhappy you will become the opposite of what you are and then you will feel like giving up as you will feel you have done far too much and have gone above and beyond what you should have you will even shock people with how you can be pushed into a totally different character. Stay sensible and true to who you are and create that balance that you also need.

There is so much you could do that you would be successful in especially in areas where you are helping others and serving the community and sharing your knowledge will be of great benefit to you and others. You bring a healing energy with you when you use this energy you will be successful!


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