Number Five Birth Force

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

The Five BF is the independent type. Your freedom is important to you and you love knowing what is going on in the world around you. You like to have a few things going on at once as boredom is not your friend. You are an extremely active individual, at times you can be restless and impatient if you feel things are moving too slowly or if you have to do the same thing over and over again. You are versatile and clever, and you make it your business to know how to do the things you are passionate about and truly believe in. You are so quick to do things that you may seem intolerant of others and you will leave them behind if they can’t keep up with you. You are an extremely quick thinker with a great gift of your words and imagination and you make things exciting. At times you may act hastily which can cause you to burn some bridges be careful not to do this as you may need to cross over them in the future. Whilst you are adaptable to change it may happen due to your discontentment. Travel is important to you and it’s also very good for your soul as you are accepting of all situations and cultures and you see the beauty in everything but be careful to not become a rolling stone that gathers no moss.


At times the amount of change people see you go through may cause them to judge your lack of application and commitment. You are a progressive person that can do a variety of things especially when it comes to business as you have the vision to see where opportunities can take you. You have a bold attitude when a challenge is put before you and you will overcome any obstacles to make it happen.


Whilst you can be analytical you may also appear to be unsympathetic and whilst you like to stir things up the better side of your nature is a very charitable and helpful one as you do like to see others that are as motivated as yourself to succeed. Even though you are freedom loving you like to see things done ethically and with the right intentions. Your energy takes away dullness and you make the world a brighter place to be. Because of your positive out look you will always have many opportunities as you are the world best networker. Your contact and knowledge come from all those you meet, and you tend to leave a lasting impression on most people regardless of the reason. Whilst you are loved by most you are definitely remembered by all!


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