Number Three Birth Force

By By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

TYPE: you are creative with a great imagination and the power in inspire others with deep emotional feelings. No matter how practical you try to be or think you are the reality is that your success depends greatly on your ‘vision’ and your creative imagination. One of your gifts is that you have a way with your words and your positive expression. In social environments everyone wants to be your friend as your positive energy is infectious. What you need to look out for is that you can talk too much and at the wrong time when you allow your emotions to get the better of you. Your forces can become scattered and you can end up saying and doing things that aren’t your truth as you may feel the need to be obligated to help those that you view to be weak as you feel the need to be cheerful, these are great traits about you but you need to be careful when you do this as it isn’t always understood. You are capable of reaching great heights of attainment when you live up to that inner feeling of power which comes to you at times. You like to do things on a larger than life scale as you can see it all in your mind, this is one of your many assets but again be careful to not becoming too optimistic so your forces don’t get scattered, show a little bit of composure so that it will unfold at the right time. Try to understand your own ambitions and carry them out carefully and you need to control your emotions rather than letting them get the better of you.

Your positive outlook is something that not everyone will appreciate when this happens you may become sensitive you need to try to not take this personally as others don’t have the imagination and vision you  possess, this may lead you from having so much to say to resorting to silence when you are criticized or hurt. You need to also be careful that you don’t project this behavior on others when you become critical of them. Whilst you are easygoing don’t question your commitment and ability to apply yourself and your creative powers successfully and allow your imagination to come through. You are great company to many and admired by the opposite sex and you know how to enjoy life. You possess many talents and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise you need to master when you expose these talents.


VOCATION: anything creative and artistic both in business or profession is where you will succeed. Be it writing, music, art, cooking, fashion, entertainment, dancing, etc. will all lead you to brining joy into your own world and into the world for others.



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