Destiny Number 7

By By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

The number seven destiny will lead you to be an “educator” to the world and the people around you. In order to do this well you will need to study, research and make sure of the facts before you can write, teach, demonstrate and share your knowledge with others. Your life will be very interesting in your search of knowledge as this quest will lead you to many experiences and unexpected associations where you will need to assess what is real and what is fake. You need to unfold the mysteries of life and understand them, as this will lead you to inner peace. Your way of thinking is different to others so don’t look for understanding of others, this journey will be one of solitude and trying to explain it to others will not give you inner peace as unless they too are a life path 7 or destiny 7 they will not understand what it is that you need or are trying to do. It doesn’t mean that you need to isolate yourself totally be wise with which you choose to share things with. You will find at times whilst there may be many people around you very few will actually understand you, your needs and your purpose.


Superficial standards are not for you rather your destiny needs reality, the sooner you realize this the sooner you will find your inner peace and at the same time you will identify those of similar soul journeys. It will take effort to educate others but the right effort will lead you to the respect of others when you find the right way to deliver your message. People that are spiritually aware will gravitate towards you let those in as they will not be negative towards what you have to offer them rather they want to learn from you. 


You will notice that you are a deep thinker and deep thinkers will relate to you that are analytically inclined. You need to specialize in something and those that are in a specialized field will be of great benefit to you as well. Since you are a highly intelligent person yourself you will not suffer fools but be kind as they too have their place, be warm towards them as they may learn a thing or two from someone like you and you may just inspire them this will require great patience from you, just remember that not everyone thinks and understands things the way you do. 

Much love Ruby 23/5


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