Destiny Number 6

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Number Six Destiny


The number six destiny you are here to be of service to others by been the “humanitarian” as it is your mission in life to comfort those that are suffering, that are weak and unhappy. Duty will follow you as this is what you are here for as you have the ability to heal and help others that is the energy of the six. Whatever duty is placed upon you do it with grace and you will be successful in other areas of your life. By all means you need to have a balance and find the balance that you are not over sacrificing yourself for others. Be wise with whom you need to help as there are those that will take advantage of your good nature really help those that need it. Your destiny is also artistic and you have the ability to not only see the beauty in everything but to also make things more beautiful. People also find peace and harmony in you, it’s these qualities to bring peace, harmony and justice in all areas of your life. Surrounding yourself with beautiful things are important to you. It’s important that you are sincere and teaching others the right way will be rewarding to you and it will be appreciated the same kindness that you will show will come back to you too.


Working within a community would be ideal for you to share your wisdom and energy with. Even teaching children would be much appreciated. So lets say your full time work or business keeps you in a corporate world it would be most beneficial to your soul to find a way to teach others your hidden talents. This will also give you an outlet to share that inner healing energy you have as it shouldn’t be locked up. Tap into your artistic side and share that with others.


Be generous with your time as it will come back to you in many ways. Family is very important to you and whilst it’s important to spend valuable time with them be careful to not constantly sacrifice yourself for the same person again and again with no progress. Whilst you are a very harmonious person you will need to find ways to stop people from taking advantage of you. Go and spread your beautiful energy with those that need it the most.


Much love Ruby 23/5

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