Destiny Number 3

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Number Three Destiny


The number three destiny has a very creative destiny that will require you to stay positive and optimistic. You have the ability to attract and bring people together as you radiate positive energy and cheerfulness and you inspire others. The motto of the three in general be it the destiny or life path is “Laugh and the world will laugh with you” but also “Cry and you will cry alone”. The three needs joy and it also attracts joy. Whilst others have lost the joy of living it will be your duty to show them the joy again and let them see that there is still joy and happiness in this world. The three has an amazing imagination and spirit and the three has the ability to uplift the saddest of people isn’t that a special gift! Whilst the three may not always feel this is easy to do it actually really is and you do it so effortlessly and should continue to do so. You were destined to be popular to have love romance and money but this will only come to you when you express beauty and inspiration into your own life. You have a way of mixing joy and sincerity together that will help those around you when they need it most. If you feel you can’t do this just stop and listen to your thoughts and you will find that your thoughts will lead you naturally. Your mind is so positive and powerful don’t ever forget that.


Your field of opportunity is to expand your opportunities in a more creative manner,  you will need to think outside the norm and investigate new artistic ways. Study and engage in interests which will give you more ease of expression in words and feeling. It’s so important that you let your creativity come through be it in everyday activities or work. The way you express must remain positive as this will take you far in life as positive expression will also be the key to your success. Be careful not to talk too much and to wear your heart on your sleeve as soon as you meet someone new take your time and you will know who you can trust because the down side of the three is absorbing other people’s negativity. You need to enjoy life and you will attract happiness around you too by staying optimistic, others will admire this about you. Friends are very important to the three and it is important that you are a true friend. Don’t turn people away when things go wrong for them you have the power to help them turn things around as they come to you for inspiration and you naturally spread joy into the world!


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