Destiny Number 2

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Number Two Destiny


The number Two Destiny is here to be the peace maker of life as they have the power to spread good will. They tend to be very persuasive people that cooperate and are diplomatic as they take care in how they need to achieve their goals so that the outcome will be a positive thing for all concerned. They want things to be perfect and will research on how to achieve this and when done in a peaceful manner they will always be successful. They can be seen as one of life’s “trouble shooters” and will be called upon constantly to pour oil on troubled waters. Whilst they may not always want to do so but they will need to as this is what they are here for  and you need to fulfill your mission as it is what you are good at and you will find peace in doing so. When things don’t seem to be running smoothly be tactful, courteous and diplomatic as you will always get the right outcome. Advise and counsel others as people do find peace in you and this will give you personal satisfaction and add more value to your life. If the two doesn’t have peace around them they will become anxious, stressed and sensitive and there is a fine line to falling into the trap of becoming a people pleaser.


The field of opportunity you will find in partnerships as partnerships are very important to you. No matter how independent and successful you may be you need to be around and to work with others. It doesn’t meant that you are relying on others for success but you will need others around you to help you reach your success and you like to share this with others as well.


It is good to mix with those that have the same values as you and that you know you can work with peacefully as you have the power to influence others as long as you remain sincere by helping others as well. Because you are also a sensitive soul you understand how others feel and others can relate to you and they find comfort in you. People see the beauty in you and all that you do so don’t let them down. If you are feeling sensitive yourself or unhappy with your surroundings you have the power to change that and you should take every effort to change it as this is your lesson to constantly create peace.


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