Destiny Number 1

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Number One Destiny


The number one destiny you are here to lead not only yourself but others too and you need to take the initiative and be original in your method of becoming a great leader. You also need to be independent and take action with confidence. If you live up to your name you will be an outstanding character in some line of endeavor during your lifetime and things will be interesting for you to say the least and your experiences will vary but this will all be character building allowing you to develop your own determination. Your success will come through your ability to stand on your own feet, think for yourself and to stand out from the crowd. There is no need to be aggressive or dominating but instead you need to show strength, self-reliant and to be able to use your own ability to achieve your goals. When you use your will power to overcome obstacles and meet all your challenges with courage and showing no fear the universe will not let you down but be sure to plan and be constructive and this will open the door to leadership and independence and you will also be a great and inspirational to others to do the same.


Your field of opportunity is in your hands and you need to broaden your horizon and look at new ideas and ways to show your uniqueness. If you are compelled to deal with old and established lines of work place new and original methods into the undertakings. You need to keep things going and to stop them from going stale and when others can’t complete a task you need to step in and take over and show others how it needs to be done. Sitting back and not doing anything isn’t your thing as you will not move forward to and get to where you need to be in saying that have a plan don’t just do things for the sake of doing it use your intelligent ideas. Mix with like minded people as you will lift each other up and motivate each other. You are not here to live a dull life you are here to have an active life and your life needs to be as interesting as you are. You need to keep moving forward and you will attract the right people to do this with.


Next week we will look at Number Two Destiny


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