Destiny Numbers

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Destiny Numbers


Our destiny numbers are found in our name but we must use the name we were born with this is sometimes referred to as “The Prophecy in Your Name”

As humans we sometimes have many questions or a burning desire to know what will be in the future.

What your life is meant to be, what you were born to do and how you are meant to do it now and in the future are written in the scroll and symbols of the name you were born with.


With every birth a soul is born. It is believed that our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life-recorded and tabulated there by the letters and numbers designating our names in the same way our births are registered on legal records required by civic law.


Every name given at birth contains a Divine Command and a Divine promise of opportunity and personal privilege, but at the same time it demands a promise from everyone to keep faith with the purpose written on the Destiny scroll of the name. To know what your name means is a spiritual awakening.


It isn’t always easy to meet this Destiny as it comes with lessons that you may not wish to learn and at times you may not even understand but life will push you towards these lessons until you finally accomplish what you are destined for and when you come to this awareness your life will be more fulfilling knowing what your purpose is.


The name you were given at birth tells this story all other names including nicknames, changes be it through marriage, adoption or just because you feel like it are but channels through which the destiny is worked out and expressed. At first you may not be one hundred percent in performance but if you keep on trying you will find it easy and finally gain the love, success and repeated rewards it has promised you.


Reading character from names and numbers covers many parts of the name given to you at birth as well as the month, day and year you were born. Finding your destiny is the first rule.


The Destiny Number is “Your life’s purpose”, what must be lived up to in this lifetime; Your field of opportunity; What you must give of yourself to others and to life; The kind of people to meet and work with; The environment and point of contact with others and The spiritual mission to which you have been appointed.


Your life path is what you are your destiny is what you must do! The Destiny requirement remains the same throughout your lifetime. It can never be outlived, stamped out or neglected. It is a subtle, commanding force to be constantly aware of in all of life’s experiences.


Your first name or given name is the personal side of the nature and disposition which shows personal attitudes and feelings. The second or middle name is a reservoir from which latent powers can be drawn and at the same time support the destiny (not everyone has a middle name like me). Your surname is very strong in its influence, indicating family characteristics, vocational histories and background. All the names comprising the name at birth indicate character and talents. However, they may pull against each other making the Destiny harder to live up to.

In the coming weeks we will look at Destinies One to Nine we will look at the full meaning to discover why you were born and what your life means to you.


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