Month Numbers what do they mean?

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Month Seven, Eight and Nine


July, August and September


Seven is about Trust and Openness they tend to be spiritual people and make deep connections. They need solitude and can tend to keep to themselves a lot as they need time out. The 7 is here on a spiritual journey to find the deeper meaning of life.


Those born in a month 7 may seem aloof or stand offish but they like to observe as they tend to be deep thinkers and they need to work out how they feel about everything going on around them. They can be lacking  in trust, faith and belief as they can over analysis and scrutinise. They live in their own mind and thoughts and shut out the world. Their space is very important to them and if you don't give them their space they will shut you out. The mother of those born in the 7 needs to teach the child to believe in themselves and to have faith and that everything will be fine. They need to also teach them that it's ok to be in their own space and when to have some solitude time, they also need to teach them when it is ok to connect with others. It  is also important that they learn about spirituality through their mother and to look into things deeply and it's ok to have interests in the universe and mysteries of life and to surrender all anxiety to spirit. If the mother is living in the positive herself it is more than likely they will learn inner peace. It is more than likely in a previous life that they weren't spiritually evolved and had no faith in anything and were secretive and manipulative and may have had addictions like drugs and alcohol and were a lost soul. It's important in this life they overcome these challenges and have a strong mind as the 7 is well known for their strength and intelligence.


Eight is about abundance and power. The eight is good with money, authority, power  and control. They need to feel empowered and like to help others to feel empowered too. They tend to be very responsible people that others look up too and generally speaking are a good judges of character.


Those born in a month 8 may appear that they are in control but deep inside it is common for them to be crumbling but will not show it as they have a lot of pride. They may come across as been a control freak and that nothing is good enough for them. They also tend to be worried about money a lot and no matter how much they have they feel they need more. The reason for this is because it is more than likely in a previous life they lost control, their authority and their wealth and they now live in fear of losing it again and their mother in a previous life had no control and didn't lead them and was powerless. In this life it is important that their mother has control of herself and will encourage them to do the same and how to set boundaries and to secure themselves in financial situations.


Nine is all about Integrity and wisdom along side with letting go and learning to forgive in order to be able to move on. It is also the number of completion.


Those born in the 9th month tend to hold onto old wounds, old hurts, resentment and grudges. They may find  it very hard to move on because they can't let go of difficult emotions especially if someone has betrayed them. They need to learn the lesson of unconditional love and forgiveness even if it is not asked for. They need to learn the lesson of valuing themselves and they need to be a good judge of character. They also need to be compassionate. The 9 is a testing number and the mother needs to be selfless, giving and have a good heart. The mother also needs to teach them to release and let go of the past and give back to the world.


Next week we will look at what the Universal year means

Ruby 23/5 


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