Month Numbers what do they mean?

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Month Four, Five and Six


April, May and June


Four is about stability and progress the 4 needs a foundation, boundaries and a plan that works or the 4 will fail. The four works best in a step by step environment and when done well they can achieve any goal.


Been born in a month 4 they can be very materialistic they can also be possessive and very stubborn. They tend to need these possessions as their self worth is lacking. They need financial security in order to feel secure. It is more than likely that in a previous life they didn't have financial security and it's important that they learn to create it in this life and how they view their mother will be very important. The mother of a person born in a month 4 should teach their child that if you start something you must finish it. They also need to be taught to have what you desire you need to work hard for it otherwise they will become lazy. It is also important to teach your child to be organised to set boundaries and most importantly they need to be a good example to their child otherwise they will fail in this area.


Five is about Freedom and Discipline but they need to work towards this without taking on too much as the five likes to be busy and at times can get caught up in too many projects and get so exhausted that they will fall behind. But when the 5 is focused and disciplined they will be successful and it is common that they can go from dependence to independence until they find inner freedom.


Been born in May the 5th month they tend to be fast thinkers. They may be challenged around change and communication so they need to learn to be adaptable to the change that they will experience rather than get stressed and anxious around it. They may also be indecisive people and they need to avoid that otherwise they will appear to be misleading and decitful and things will be unclear for everyone. They can easily fall into too many thoughts and restless. The mother of the 5 month child is meant to teach them to pursue education and to finish it, they should also encourage them to travel a lot and to go out and see the world. They also need to encourage them to communicate and to find their voice and to embrace change. It is more than likely in a previous life that those born in a month 5 had no voice and could not communicate and didn't deal with change and didn't travel and were just busy doing nothing as they could not focus.


Six is about vision and acceptance it is important that they accept themselves as well as other. Their vision of beauty, purity will lead them to their happiness. The 6 also needs truth  and justice and peace and harmony, the six needs to be careful not to over sacrifice themselves especially for family members.


Those born in the month 6 tend to be very hard on themselves as they have unrealistic high standards. They need to learn self love and acceptance in their own beauty. The tend to have re occuring family issues and disharmony in relationships. They may also struggle to find the right partner and can easily fall into feeling guilty about things they are not responsible for. As they tend to sacrifice themselves just to keep the peace but will regret it later. They need to have emotional security. They need to learn from their mother unconditional love and to know they fit in and are good enough. They need to help them to focus on what they do right rather than what they did wrong. They need to be a good example about creating harmony and good positive rapport in relationships. They need to connect to their mother in order to learn these lessons. It is more than likely in a previous life their relationship with their mother wasn't positive when it came to family matters and the mother may have played the victim and their mother didn't have harmonious relationships so it may also be a challenge in this life.


Next week we will look at the months July, August and September


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