Month Numbers what do they mean?

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert


Month Numbers what do they mean?


Month One Two and Three

January, October, February, November, March and December


The month we are born in tell a story in our Natal Chart that been what that number represents was what we were challenged from a previous life or baggage we had from a previous life. It is also the lessons we need to learn from our mother. It is also lessons from the inner world that we are meant to learn.


January is a month 1 which means that you need to develop confidence and leadership. It is more than likely that in a previous life you held onto a lot of fear that stopped you from taking action which made you angry and frustrated. So in this life it is very important that you take action with courage, strength and determination. You also need to independent and to stand on your own two feet and not look to others to carry you through life.


October been the 10th month is also a month 1 yet the '0' means you have to be more bold, courageous and stand on your own in the world. You will also need to learn to assert yourself as a leader. The '0' amplifies the qualities of the 1


Just quickly if we look at what the 1 represents it needs confidence and creativity. It is also important that if there is an obstruction not to give up as the 1 is strong.


If you are born in a Month 2 been February and November you need to learn the lesson around nurturing and that self nurturing is very important. You need to master your emotions as you can be very emotional, moody and sensitive. It is also more than likely that there were issues with your mother in a previous life so the challenge in this life is to over come these issues. If you are born in a month two and your mother doesn't teach you to care and nurture for yourself then you may struggle with the challenges of the two. It is important to teach your child when they are born in a month two to be open and honest with their feelings and emotions weather they are good or bad and they need to articulate how they feel.


Those born in November need to make decisions but may feel at conflict within themselves not knowing which direction they should go in as they tend to have two options or two paths. They need to tap into their intuition to make the right decision which will put them on the right path.


The number 2 needs cooperation and balance the two needs peace and peaceful connections, they tend to fall into the habit of becoming a “people pleaser' but they need to know where to draw the line otherwise they can become resentful.


If you are born in a month 3 March or December your biggest challenge is to stay positive especially within your own head as they tend to suffer from a lot of self doubt, if the mother is negative it is more than likely that the child too will be negative. It also indicates that the challenges in a previous life were around keeping positive. The 3 can bring about depression, worry, anxiety and stress. The mother of a child born in a month 3 should encourage them to tap into their creative side and talents. It is also important for them to learn to develop good friendships from a young age and how to select good friendships and it's important to be selective as the 3 tends to attract everything and everyone. It is also important to encourage the child to stay positive and to not worry. Been born in December may make you over reactive to certain situations and they need to take more responsibility.


The 3 is all about positive expression so the 3 needs to be able to express in a positive environment, they need to be able to share their ideas and feelings in a direct and honest manner. They need to be uplifted and not torn down.


See you next week when we  will look at months 4, 5 and 6.


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