Master Number 44/8

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Master Number 44/8


Since the 4 is all about work we have double the amount here and the 8 is about wealth we call the master number 44/8 “the financial controller”. This is a very strong and ethical worker that needs to be in control of everything including money and finances and the decisions around money as they are very successful under this number. The 4 says they are good at planning, stability and achieving through been structured and the 8 is the Abundance and Power through leading and controlling situations. They are influential and powerful and good at empowering others.


The 44/8 are here to walk through issues of money, control, responsibility, management to achieve material success that it wants others to experience as well. They aren't just here for themselves they are here to help others and to empower others to achieve their goals as well. Whilst this number pattern can be stubborn they need to learn that their success relies on a “step by step” approach which will lead to their success. They  have an internal challenge of stability they need to develop internal processes to strengthen and support themselves without getting obsessed as they need a balance in their approach. They also need to have a good foundation with their family and a peaceful flow of communication between them.


The 44/8 always wants more in every aspect of their life as a result of this they are very strong, intelligent, driven, ambitious and high achievers. Whilst they are challenged in family matters as well as security if they are not been methodical about what they do they won't be able to reach their goals in all the important areas of their lives. They really need to have a step by step approach and to be patient and can't afford to leave any steps out, if they do they will need to start all over again. They also need to break repetitive patterns of failure or incompletion, if they ignore this important process they will have some hard lessons to learn. This life path is far from subtle and if they don't live their life path as it is meant to be lived situations will arise that will grab their attention to push them on the right path. Whilst all these matters are presenting themselves to the 44/8 they can be plagued with confusion especially when they need to make an important decision as they are torn between their emotions and their mind. They need to take a deep breath and analyse the situation and deal with it step by step.


With all that is going on the double 4 displays a tremendous amount of strength and persistence but need to be careful that this doesn't turn into stubbornness and rigidity as the 8 loves to be in control. Very few people will be able to change the mind of the 44/8 and the ones that can means the 44/8 values and respects them deeply and because of the 8 been a good judge of character they usually do find the right people to take sound advise from.


In a positive light the 44/8 is careful with most of their approaches they are also more than happy to help others to achieve their goals and are very good at empowering others. They are loyal especially towards the people that have assisted them in times of need and will never forget those that help them achieve their goals and are more than happy to reward those around them that supported them. When all is going well they will seem like the most helpful people to others and themselves but when they are losing control they may seem a little irrational until they get themselves back on track. They may fall into fear with any failure and even though they have been successful they fear failing and may avoid taking the right steps to bring themselves up again.


It's important for the 44/8 to keep fit as they need all the energy they can get to keep the momentum of their busy life. They also need some time out and relaxation as they can become quite tense with everything going on around them. They also take work quite seriously and no matter what is going on that will remain their main focus so it's important that they do something that allows them some time out like meditation. Whilst they are supportive and helpful they are not subtle and will not sugar coat any situation and are direct in their approach and will expect others to be as well including family and partners.


The 44/8 is great at leading a business and anyone lucky enough to be working with someone that is a 44/8 will learn a lot from them. They are talented people that tend to be successful. If you are a 44/8 you need to learn to be patient with others as they will eventually see what it is you are trying to achieve at first it's not as obvious as you would like it to be until it all comes together. If you are around or work with a 44/8 listen and observe them and try not to upset them too much other than that you should get on fine and they do tend to be fun people in social gatherings and they will acknowledge your loyalty!


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