Personal Year 9

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Personal Year 9


The pinnacle you are currently in is now it's in final year that been the Personal Year 9. The personal year nine is all about completion and endings. From January to December you will realise a sense of completion and the fulfilment of some of your dreams. You are closing the cycle of experience one that you began nine years ago. Do not view this as a sorrow or in a negative way. The best way I can explain this so that you can relate to it is like building something or better still baking a delicious cake or better still going to your best friends wedding if not your own. The effort in preparing something all the hard work that you  have put into it and invested in it. If it is a home it is now ready to be lived in, if you just finished baking a cake you now get to eat it, if you are going to a wedding you are going to enjoy it, have fun and make amazing memories forever! Therefore you should view your year of endings as a reward that you deserve for all the hard work you have put into the past nine years.


However during the year you do need to be ready and willing to let go of the old and undesirable in your life to make way for better conditions and your new beginnings that will start next year as you are going to be entering back into a personal year one. You need to let go of things that hold no value in your life. It's like a spring clean if it's just sitting there collecting dust you need to let go of it and it may be of better use for someone else (I am all for recycling). If something you are trying to hold onto asks for freedom or desires to go away be understanding and compassionate because if you try to hold onto it you will eventually lose it in a way that you don't want to experience. This is the year to be understanding, tolerant, forgiving, letting go and you will find that this will be a wonderful year filled with love, sympathy, understanding and fulfilment of your plans that you have been working towards whatever they may be.


You may feel a little held back mid year especially since most of your opportunities will present themselves early in the year but just give your energy to the universe and it will help you out. Start to think of the new things you want to accomplish for the following year there is no need to start and finish anything it's all about your thoughts and best not to start something new until next year. During the year you may find some of your interests are not as important to you and certain acquaintances are no longer necessary in your life, let them go with love as the lesson you had to learn is now done if they don't understand this you must forgive whatever their reaction may be so that you do not experience this lesson over and over again.


This is a good year to assist others as your life is pretty much under control and remember it is a year of compassion so see who needs you and assist them and you will be rewarded. I think in general what you put out you will receive! The tide is going out not coming in so help others within reason, keep busy and accept opportunities that come your way. There is a closing force try to not overwork or to make certain things work in a certain way accept that things will be ending and let it happen with grace love and light there is no need to hold onto any negativity as this will carry through to next year been your new beginnings. Do take some time out and rest even a vacation as you will need to look after your health and get ready for your new beginnings. Just trust that all that will leave your life this year is making way for better things to come next year.


Something I tell all my numerology clients when they are in a year of endings especially when they are single is don't love for lasting loving relationships in a year of endings as it will not last. Anything you start in a year of endings will come to an end. So on that point if you are not in your year of endings but you meet a person that is then that relationship won't last either you need to look at both charts once I see that it's a viable relationship I do joint charts as that tells us a whole new story.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about Personal Years and I looking forward to sharing something new with you all next week.


Sending you all the power to let go and be happy with what you have accomplished!


Much love Ruby 23/5 


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