Personal Year 8

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert


Now that you have just come out of a personal year 7 and into a personal year 8 you will be feeling empowered and ambitious as you are more aware of who you are and you have spent the past year knowing what is of importance to you and now you are ready to conqure the world! You will more than likely have a huge opportunity to advance and improve your personal and business conditions whilst they are not going to be easy as you will need to use your good judgement and fairness and you cannot afford to turn a blind eye to things that are “unethical” or not “morally sound”. Keep in mind that it is a very karmic year for you so what you put out will come straight back at you this year.


So between January to end of December you will need to have fighting spirit and go after things that will allow you to advance in a positive way that may also help others advance at the same time and be careful where you direct your energy. You will need to set your goals early and pay attention to detail in all areas of your affairs be it personal, business and home. The more you are organised the more successful you will be and the more advanced you will be. Whilst you may feel a great deal of mental strain learn to delegate in this time to accomplish what you need to achieve as this is a business year and  the more efficient you are the year will end with great improvement regarding your position and finances.


Whilst you will be feeling very empowered and in control it is important that you do not overestimate your ability or the value of anything you are dealing with especially when it comes to investments or property regarding buying and selling. It is a very good time to invest but you will need to take the emotion out of what you are doing and have a “business like” approach this year. Your authority and presence this year will be more than visible to yourself and others so be careful with loved ones that you  are not been too dominant, direct your energy where it is needed.


Come September you should be feeling the freedom of your accomplishments coming together and things will begin to fall into place. It is also very likely that you will probably decide to be done with something for your own good and peace of mind. Try to avoid the material things in life whilst at this stage you can more than afford it you will find power in feeling free. You need to be a wise judge this year and you will find others will be against you, let it go as this lesson will serve you well next year and wish those against you well as deep down they actually envy you and your progress in life.


August may bring in a sense of loneliness but you will need this time of solitude to reflect as September is your high point and for the rest of the year your ideas are working and the wheels are in motion and your year will end very well provided you have kept true to the essence of the “eight”. The eight is a very powerful and karmic number you will need to use your moral compass I cannot stress this enough, if you fail to do this you will suffer the following year if not the current year as the following year is your year of endings. If you have worked hard in developing yourself and others around you you will be fine. Come November you will start to feel the energies of your Personal Year Nine which we will discuss next week!


Sending you all empowerment and good fortune!

Much love Ruby 23/5


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