Personal Year 7

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert


Personal Year 7


Seven is the most spiritual number of all of the numbers, it needs to connect deeply and understand the deeper meaning of life, therefore making the personal 7 a very important one. Quality will be more important to you and understanding life and your purpose gaining a more intuitive perspective on life in general.




From January to December there is a desire for you to know more and to excel in your knowledge and talents. It is also a time of solitude so it is more than normal to feel the need to spend time alone as this will allow your spiritual mind to take over as nose, hustle and bustle will not be your friend this year. You should also take care of your health this year not just in the physical sense. Your thoughts are very important and you have a lot to think about you also need to keep your thoughts to yourself and listen and observe as to what is going on around you.


It is not the time to be on centre stage and to fight for your rights as that will come next year. You need peace of mind this year and to be able to think clearly. You will experience interesting and unusual experiences during this time of solitude which you would normally not notice. You will find that there will be times that you will just feel alone and that no one can relate to you but this is ok and you will come to the realisation that others don't need to understand what you think of feel as long as you understand what it is that you think and feel as this is going to help you lay the foundation for your inner strength and for your soul to grow which will make the way for the positive changes in your life. You will find a goal or plan of significance which you will notice later in the year, which will allow you to move forward in life to a new level of awareness and living.


As you are on this spiritual journey to understand yourself and becoming more self aware of what your soul and mind needs you may be criticised and misunderstood as you will show a determination that others have not seen before. Don't back down stand your ground but there is no need to defend yourself as it's your journey and only you need to understand it. Just don't be unreasonable even though others will be, try to reason things out with fairness and understanding as your rewards are awaiting you. What you are experiencing is “spiritual discipline” as most things in life this is another test more on a spiritual level.


Whilst the 7 needs perfection you will find there are many things that you no longer needs and the perfection is found in things you never thought of like time alone.


You need to have a strong sense of faith, determination and patience as all of this will lead to inner peace. You will find that you can overcome anything but don't try too hard to force issues as this is a transition period and it is preparing you for your personal year 8 which you will be reading about next week.


Sending you all peace, love and pink fairy floss

Ruby 23/5


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