Personal Year 6

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert


Personal Year 6


Six is the number of love, beauty, peace, harmony and responsibility. When you are in a personal year six from January to December you have responsibilities to meet and duty more than likely within your family and you need to accept these duties with grace as you will be rewarded. It is not a year to be selfish you need to be honest and charitable in all that  you do. You need to bring peace and harmony to all situations before you but keep in mind that it is also a year for love, money, health and friendship when you do things with grace do the opposite and you will struggle in these areas. If there is disharmony with you and your loved ones you will need to find a way to erase the situation and create a peaceful environment for all involved. Your love and efforts will be seen and you will attract your true hearts desires as you will attract bees to honey not vinegar! Through expressing love, compassion and sympathy you will gain better relations and you will be better financially off during the year.


In your mind you may feel a strong desire to be settled in all areas of your life by the end of the year you will achieve this through your good deeds throughout the year. You may feel it necessary to seek the opinion of loved ones in order to make your own affairs better do listen to the advice given to you as it may just help. Keep your ideals high and don't feel resentment when things are not going your way or you feel there has been an injustice keep giving in the right areas to the right people that need you as the more generous you are the more you will gain by the time the year is over and the conditions that you seek will come to you. People are more than likely watching you and will be inspired by your gracefulness as you will be a true example of 'practicing what you preach” and this will be touching in particular to people younger than yourself. Don't let anyone you help feel that they have been a burden to you rather let them feel it has been a privilege to you. But by all means be careful that people don't take advantage of your caring and generous nature be wise where you direct your help, assistance and energy as you will have a healing energy so use it wisely for those that truly need it.


If you are single love may come to you this year or if you have been in a relationship you may find you will have a more committed partner  or marriage, if you are married you may find you will have a child as the “six” brings in more responsibilities for loved ones. If you are not in a harmonious relationship you may see it come to an end but this will be for the best interest of both parties as the “six” needs “true love” that is pure, honest and peaceful.


The action of the first half of the year may seem a little slow but this will all lead to gaining good things. The second half of the year should see things happen in good timing but your responsibilities will still be there and helping others will still be there throughout the year. Try to enjoy the company of others regardless what brings you together as next year will be the year that you will be spending a considerable amount of time on your own. Do try to take a break mid year as you deserve it and handle all things in a loving manner regardless of what the case may be. You need to have a clear mind as this will help you next year. Been of service to others in need is showing kindness we all need kindness in our lives you have the power this year to give and show others how it is done with grace!


I am currently in a personal year 6 so I enjoyed this weeks as it allowed me to reflect on what has been happening for the first half of the year and where I am heading.


Sending you all love and light from Sydney Australia


Ruby 23/5


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