Personal Year 5

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert


Personal Year 5


When you are in a personal year 5 there is going to be a lot going on. From January to December you will have a year full of adventure, change, opportunities, surprises and new eventful things going on that will keep you busy and hopefully some well needed travel! At times you may feel like you are forced into a situation that you don't want to be in but this is all progress towards where you need to be.


This year will be totally different to last year where you may have felt tied down this year there is freedom from routine and unexpectedness should be very agreeable to you. However, there may be an element of uncertainty running through the year and you may feel unsettled from time to time. Keep in mind a positive outlook that opportunities for advancement and progress are on the way. Whilst you will have many things present themselves and on offer to you take a moment to assess what is on offer and which one will be best for your personal advancement. Keep an open mind and let go of old conditions and look for the new conditions that will help you advance with no fear. Change and the “new” are keynotes to the year and you deserve a fuller life. Remember that without change there is no growth but to “live” doesn't mean to be reckless you still need to plan and have goals for advancement and be resourceful enough to make the necessary adjustments that will lead you to success.


You will have so much going on at times that you may start to feel restless and unsettled do not take this out on others that seem to be keeping you back they are placed in your path for a reason. Whilst you are going at a hundred miles an hour you will need something to slow you down to “see the light” so to speak and to prevent from feeling regret later on in the cycle of life you are now passing through. It seems to be necessary to make every effort to open a channel for progress but be careful to not engage in quarrels that lead to burning bridges. If you need to move on and let go of an old situation do this in an amicable way but be careful that the change you are about to enter isn't going from the “fry pan into the oven” be careful and question everything especially when something presents itself as the “perfect” option be realistic and think things through.


When it feels all too much try to travel to somewhere that gives you inner peace as this is your year for travel and travel is good for your soul when the 5 is in your chart. Try to plan things in February when you are still focused on what you want for the year come April you need to have decided where you are heading. Mid year keep to yourself and be careful to not say too much but keep pushing through. Come September change and freedom should take place if they already haven't. Enjoy the rest of the year!


See you all next week for Personal Year 6

Ruby 23/5


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