Personal Year 4

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Personal Year 4


Hi everyone I hope you have all had a great week and are keeping cool in the heat over there, I am trying to keep myself warm as we are having the coldest week ever in Sydney! This week we are looking at the Personal Year 4. I love the number 4 and I think we all need a 4 somewhere in our charts to when you are in a personal year 4 make the most of it I say as 4 attracts money through hard work and 4 is “The Builder” the worker, so you will have the opportunity this year for that.


When you are in a PY 4 it will be a very practical year. So from January to December you have a lot of work to do as '4' attracts work and you cannot escape it. The plans and inspiration of last year ie 3 must now be put into more concrete form. You are not likely to have much tie for personal pleasure, you will need to keep your eye “on the job” whether you like it or not. Do not let this bother as you will have great satisfaction by the time the year is over. If you manage well, face the facgts and get down to business as the year requires you to do so. You must be organised, have a plan in place, set your targets and goals, have a system and manage it well in all areas and pay attention to every aspect of what is going on around you.


The practical side of the year may bring health and financial matters of your own or family, placing the responsibility upon your shoulders. You must attend to these things with grace as your freedom will come next year with the number 5. It is a great time to invest if you have the means to do so especially when it comes to property as the 4 is “The Builder” it likes to build it's own home. You will need to put your ideas in concrete form but be careful and economical as you cannot take risks or think that you will be lucky you will need to be methodical.


You may feel that expenses may seem a little high whilst funds coming in seem low but you will meet your commitments and come out ahead as long as you are not careless or try to take short cuts, as the 4 will bring you money through hard work not through luck.


Early in the need you need to get yourself into a routine and stick to it and work towards your goals. Keep yourself healthy and by June you should be travelling along nicely towards your goals and you will find it easier to make decisions. As this is a practical year, August shows the best influence for a vacation and pleasure. Be prepared for some practical problems come September but you should start seeing results. When you get to October you should begin to see the change that will flow into the new year. Keep going and have faith in all that you do.

Be very careful when opportunities present themselves don't look for an easy way out or a “quick” fix and don't be talked into it or trust it, remember the key to your success is “good, honest, hard work”!


Much love Ruby 23/5


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