Personal Year 3

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert


Personal Year 3


When you are in a personal 3 year you need to put your best foot forward and do whatever it takes to improve yourself. From January to December there is a “quickening” force operating in your affairs and now is the time to make use of the creative, inspiration and imaginative ideas and ideals which are within you. Hold onto your dreams and visions that you see in your mind as your imagination will lead to inspiration in various areas of your life. Don't waste the year by drifting along as you will waste the year and it will become an unhappy one and when you have a 3 present in your chart or year you need to be happy but don't expect that happiness to fall into your lap. The '3' will attract joy and happiness but you need to work at it and is is very important that you find what makes you happy as this could be one of the happiest years of your life. The 3 attracts a lot of people around you so friends and friendships will be important. Help others when they need it and they will also help you.


Practical results may seem to not happen initially but they will present themselves later in the year and may way for the following year. Lots of things will keep you busy this year. Try not to get annoyed with friends and loved ones early on in the year and don't become emotional rather try to be understanding and avoid worrying and fretting about things as this year is meant to be full of optimisim and cheerfulness and the more cheerfulness and optimistic you are the more you will have to gain. Your inspiration will lead to many things happening as your positive energy will attract all that you desire. The 3 may get caught up in various things that will drain your energy such as extravagance, wasted emotional energy on  money and gossip as  this will make you scattered. Do try to scatter a little sunshine and faith everywhere you go it will be appreciated. Your positive expression will also help you gain many new things.


It is also a very creative year so don't dismiss your ideas and your imagination but you still need to use your good sense at all times. Be careful who you share your ideas with and when talking your ideas over you need to make sure you are discussing them in the right company and with people that understand you and your vision. Your plans should be on the right path by July and in September you will have an opportunity present itself so you need to be prepared. Remember to work hard and stay positive and everything should fall into place. Keep in mind that everyone loves the energy of the 3 so enjoy the personal year 3 and put those creative thoughts into action!


Hope you all have had a lovely Eid and see you next week with Personal Year 4!

Much love to you all

Ruby 23/5


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