Personal Year 2

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert


Personal Year 2


When you are in a personal year 2 the things you need to look out for most importantly is that you care and nurture yourself first before you care and nurture others. The '2' has a motherly energy and feels like they have to take care of everyone and tend to forget that they need to take care of themselves first. The other important thing to remember with the '2' is that you may become overly sensitive causing you to put yourself into isolation and you need to avoid this as the '2' needs company as we always say “one is alone and two is company”


When you are in a personal year two from January through to December your success and happiness depends on how diplomatic you are and how you cooperate with others especially when things are not running smoothly and the lesson here is not to take things personally and become sensitive but rather to find a way to make peace and bring peace to whatever the situation may be. Lets not forget the number “2” needs peace in order to be successful. When you enter into a personal year two you have just come out of a personal year one where you were required to take initiative. In a personal year two your results are gained through “sharing” and willingness to wait for development. There is advancement and progress in the year but many plans of the previous year cannot come to a fulfullment without further time to mature and time is the keynote to the year's experiences. You will need to be patient when you feel that things are been delayed as it will take time for everything to come together even though you want it all at once. You need to understand and be content as things will quietly grow in their own good time. If you try to force conditions you will find yourself becoming irritable, aggressive and then the delays will be there because you will not be using your right judgement as there will be disharmony and partnerships will be broken. If you try “too hard” you will become confused and cause trouble in both your work and personal life. You need to cooperate and look for ways that will find more peace for yourself and for others. This will lead to you winning what you could not force bringing about the results that will exceed your own expectations.


During the early part of the year there is a tendency for agreements and associations to part ways unless if you are more than patient and considerate especially during February and March. Come May you may find that you could be disturbed or sensitive to what others have said or done but you need to “snap out of it” for your own good and not become sensitive (or as I like to say a little precious). It is vital that you cooperate in these instances even if you feel you are been held down. Keep this year harmonious as next year it will be your year but it's important you have a peaceful year when in the “2” personal year so that next year you will be able to shine. This is not the year to get into quarrels or to be selfish or cold hearted or mean as this will result in unhappiness. Put love in all your dealings and friendship the opportunities will be there to be tactful, diplomatic and don't be afraid to give what you have as you will find the rewards will follow.

In July you will find your numbers indicate a closing of conditions and you may finalise some association or arrangement by natural growth or through necessity. Show compassion and tolerance and understanding in all that you do with all that you interact with. When you get to August you will find new openings of new arrangements new living conditions and new agreements, which if properly directed should bring more peace of mind and satisfaction. Do not talk too much but rather keep things to yourself especially sensitive matters that are close to your heart. Look underneath the surface to make sure your roots are growing and that all arrangements are accurate and carefully understood. This is very important during the early part of the year.


Next week we will be looking at the Personal Year 3


Have a great week lovelies sending you all love and light from the southern hemisphere!


Much love

Ruby 23/5


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