Personal Year 1

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

Personal Year 1


When you enter into a One Personal Year so between January until the end of December you are making a new start and you are entering a new cycle of experiences and the next nine years of your life depend on what you do now. When you enter into a One PY you need to be courageous to plan for things and to take action and make wise decisions without been indecisive. You need to look to the future and be willing to change and advance for the sake of progress and happiness. It may be necessary to let go of things having to do with the past in order to take advantage of new opportunities. You also need to be determined and to have no fear of the future because if you do you may lose out during a “beginning” time because if you stand still or look back you will get caught in the ebb tide of opportunities therefore missing the opportunities which are present and you must take now.


This will not be an easy year and you will need to be organised and methodical in order to achieve the results that you want. This year calls for strength of purpose and clear thinking and the right opportunity will present itself but you need to be able to recognise it. You will need to tape into your executive ability and you will need to show you have what it takes through the lessons you are about to enter.


Don't be afraid of your new ideas as long as you have planned them well and given it some thought without been impulsive you will be fine, use your wisdom. You will not only need to do the thinking and planning for yourself but for others as well. You may not realise this until around September but events leading up to this should prepare you. You will have the opportunity in April to move ahead and take action for improvement. It would be wise to rest in the month of May and observe what is happening around you. By August September things should slowly unfold, keep moving forward as things may work out sooner rather than later when you  have the right momentum happening. December is a practical month and it will be feeling the activation of your Two personal year.


When you are in a One Personal Year your months also indicate a certain number ie January is 2; February is 3; March is 4; April is 5; May is 6; June is 7; July is 8; August is 9; September is 1; October is 2; November is 3 and December is 4.


There really is so much to Numerology and it is endless at times with what everything means as it is a cycle that never seems to end. I hope you are enjoying learning about personal years! Next week we will look into the Two PY


Have a great week everyone! Sending you cool hugs from Australia as winter has just kicked in!


Much love Ruby 23/5


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