The Nine Pinnacle

By Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert



The number nine represents the drama and colour of life, it also represents beauty, art and the philanthropic. Under  a nine pinnacle you will need tolerance, compassion and that warm force of love that inspires and uplifts but which is greater than personal love.


One tends to find the nine pinnacle testing unless they have been through a lot of disappointments as you will need compassion, to let go and to be able to forgive others even when they don't ask for it but you need to do this for yourself so that you can let go. Our pinnacles are a nine year cycle so if you are in a nine pinnacle by the time you get to your final year (which will be a personal year 9) of that pinnacle if you have not learnt the lesson of compassion and tolerance there will be great disappointment.


Nine is not a personal number. It represents civilization of all types of people, religions and cultures. The nine will attract a lot from unexpected areas that will lead to fortune and money. But the desires must not be personal or of self interest and resentfulness of others otherwise this can lead to unhappiness.


When the first pinnacle is a nine the individual should never marry in this pinnacle as it is not a good a time, they need to learn wisdom amongst other lessons (there has not been a person or a chart that I have done that had a nine as their first pinnacle that didn't end up in divorce or separated from a significant relationship). It is better to learn the sorrows early on than to carry a bad relationship for the rest of one's life. When losses occur one needs to forget about them and move on from them as the nine will always make way for something better but again these opportunities will come when the individual learns to let go and not hold grudges of any kind. Be warm and kind when you are in this pinnacle and help those that you can expecting nothing in return and you will most certainly be rewarded. 


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