PAWS Ladies Diwaniya Night

By Claudia al Rashoud, PAWS Vice Chairman

PAWS Kuwait welcomed parliamentary candidate Safa Al Hashem to their ladies diwannia last week. A fascinating speaker, Ms Al Hashem spoke about the trials, tribulations, and victories of her personal and political journey. As an animal lover she acknowledged that strong laws to protect animals are important, along with legislation to protect all vulnerable members of society. She addressed the concerns of PAWS Kuwait about how to implement such legislation and introduce animal welfare into the government school curriculum.

Ms Al Hashem held a very frank, interesting, and wide-ranging discussion with the multi-national members of the audience. As one of the participants said, "I was very impressed with Ms Al Hashem. She is dynamic, funny, and intelligent. I went away feeling hopeful and committed about animal rights."

PAWS Kuwait is an all volunteer organization  that runs and finances a shelter in Wafra with hundreds of rescued dogs and cats and four Arabian baboons. We receive no help from the government or any official funding and are entirely dependent upon donations, fundraising activities, and our own private savings and income. Our work includes:

Clearing Kuwait’s streets of stray, abused, injured, and abandoned animals.

Providing rescued animals with medical treatment, caring for them in our shelter, and trying to re-home them in suitable homes.

Educating  people about the proper way of keeping animals as pets.

Working to bring Kuwaiti youth into volunteer work, thus providing them with valuable experience about how to run an international organization, how to face a variety of challenges, and how to perform as a cohesive group.

Setting an example of helping both people and animals.

Educating the public, particularly schoolchildren, about animal welfare. Our education program ranges from nursery school through university and includes many local community groups.  Our Book Club: Children Reading to Rescued Animals, is the first of its kind in the Middle East. 

Working to prevent cruelty to animals. It has been proven to be conducive to violence against people.

Presenting a positive image of Kuwait locally and internationally.

Putting Islamic principles into practice.  Islam instructs us to protect the environment and treat animals with compassion, as we have been appointed viceroys of the earth.  Many don’t realize that in Islam, kind treatment of animals is considered a good deed in the same sense that good conduct and kind treatment of humans is deemed a good deed and earns us the same blessings.  When asked if there is a reward for serving animals, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said: “Yes, there is a reward for acts of charity to every beast alive.”

To volunteer, sponsor, foster,  adopt, or for more information please send a what’s app message to 99835252, email:

You can also donate for veterinary care in the name of PAWS Kuwait at Royal Animal Hospital at the back of the Friday Market or online through the gotapnow link in our Instagram bio.

Instagram @paws_kuwait      Facebook PAWS Kuwait

Instagrams @paws_kuwait and @paws.adoption and our Facebook page is PAWS Kuwait.  For donations we prefer that people pay directly at Royal Animal Hospital next to the Friday Market.  (Our bill is over 4,000 KD!)  Online donations can be made through the following link:








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