A Mission of Mercy

Operation HOPE Kuwait

By Sheryll Mairza

Dearest friends of OH,

We remain steadfast in our commitment towards providing toiletries and non perishable foods to the embassy shelters and deportation centers who request our support, the repatriation of men and women who are in their final days of life and who wish to die surrounded by their family members, and winter warmth for street cleaners in Kuwait.

We remain ever vigilant of our duty to serve those living in Kuwait who are in the most need ~ like little Sayed who is wheelchair bound and nourished by a feeding tube.  His father’s salary isn’t enough for the extras like diapers and special water, but through one of our recent appeals Sayed receives these important items each month through the generosity of one couple who has agreed to “adopt” this families needs as their very own.

We remain grateful towards our community who generously responds to the various appeals which we make on behalf of Kuwait’s neediest.  Most recently we asked your help for Crispen, whose life is in the final stages due to cancer spreading throughout his body.  Due to your support Crispen has returned safely home to the loving support of his wife and sons, and has been blessed with funds to help his family when he passes away. 

As summer approaches the plans and activities of our mission of mercy continue onward despite that the winter warmth season is a long way off.  We wish to invite local public and private schools to consider supporting the needs of our community through Operation HOPE Kuwait by way of a wonderful community service oriented plan called Schools in Action for HOPE.  OH team member Trish Pearson will meet with administrators, teachers and students to present our comprehensively outlined plan in order for local students to complete necessary community service hours and which will lessen the hardships of those in Kuwait who are faced with challenging circumstances.   Though we are at the end of the academic year please consider participation of your students now for our next winter warmth campaign set to kick off on November 1, 2016.  It is the goal of OH Kuwait to provide socks, caps, gloves and thermal clothing for a minimum of 3,000 street cleaners between November 1 and December 5, 2016, and believe we can easily reach this goal with the support of our local schools.    Kindly contact us at your earliest convenience for more information. 

As Esther’s Attic remains closed for the time being we regret that we are unable to accept your donations of clothing, shoes, and household items.   We look forward to resuming this activity in the near future and thank you for your cooperation in not bringing your gently used items to our premises until then. 

Currently OH is seeking the support of someone who can provide home physiotherapy for our little friend Sayed.  He is in desperate need of this therapy and the family is unable to transport him to and from the physiotherapy hospital in Kuwait.  If you are a qualified physiotherapist and willing to work with little Sayed at no cost please contact us at your earliest convenience. 

It takes many hands to make the work of any mission lighter, and we are so very blessed that your hands contribute towards the betterment of so many lives in Kuwait.  We are grateful that you are willing to selflessly contribute your gifts and resources so that others may find more peace amidst their personal storms.  And no matter how much or how little you are able to contribute please know that it makes a world of difference to the sick, the dying, the cold and the hungry. 

For those of you who are privileged to recreational travel we wish you a safe journey, and to those who will remain in Kuwait during the summer months we are always happy to accept new volunteers. 


Sheryll Mairza








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