The Beach, The Pool, & Your Eyes!

By International Optique

The Beach, the Pool and Your Eyes!



Beaches and swimming pools are synonymous with summer. We know about protecting our skin from the sun, but what about our eyes? Here are a few tips to protect your eyes this summer, in and out of the water.



1. Sunglasses:

  • Even if you are not swimming, make sure to wear sunglasses with UV400 protection.
  • Always purchase sunglasses from a reputed optical dealer. That way you know that the UV protection is authentic.
  • Polarized sunglasses further enhance your glare protection when at the beach or pool and offer you clearer, better vision.
  • UV is known to age the eyes, so be sure that ensure that your children also wear eye protection in the sun.



2. Avoid rubbing your eyes after a swim:

  • Wash your hands directly after a swim since bacteria spreads rapidly from water sources.
  • Rubbing your eyes directly after getting out of the water will aggravate the spread of bacteria.
  • If you have sensitive eyes after swimming, always include a bottle of soothing and lubricating eye drops in your swimming kit.
  • Alternatively, rapidly splash your eyes with cold water, if lubricating drops are unavailable.



3. Water tight swimming goggles:

  • Swimming goggles are your primary protection when it comes to protecting your eyes in water.
  • Swimming goggles are also available with prescription, so there is no need for your eyeglasses to limit your fun in the sun.
  • Diving masks with prescription are also available to order.



4. Contact lenses:

  • It is not recommended to swim with contact lenses as the space between the eye and the contact lens is an opportunistic breeding ground for bacteria.
  • However, if you must swim with your contact lenses, you need to be very careful regarding the water source you may be swimming in.
  • Water borne bacteria is very common in pools, lakes and hot tubs.
  • Daily disposable contact lenses are the only "safe" option of contact lenses to swim with, since the risk of contamination is very low, given that you will dispose of the lenses immediately after swimming.


International Optique stocks a wide range of swimming related optical products. From prescription sunglasses to prescription diving masks, we can enhance your summer at in the sun!



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