To Be Heard

By International Optique

To be Heard


A child's laughter, birds chirping or even something as shrill as a car horn are sounds we can all be missing out on. Along with countless other sounds, these notes can enrich our lives.


Increased hearing loss is a slow process; one which we do not immediately notice or even choose to deny.


Common signs of hearing loss are:

  • Setting volume control buttons on high i.e. radio, television etc.
  • Often requesting a person to repeat what they say.
  • Phone conversations become difficult to understand.
  • Believing that other people are mumbling when they are speaking.


The extent of your hearing loss can be determined by an audiologist. Specialized hearing tests are performed to determine the need of a hearing aid. Subsequently, a suitable hearing aid is fitted to match your lifestyle. Cosmetically, hearing aids are more discreet than ever before. There is no reason to feel self-conscious or consider your hearing loss as a disability.


Our hearing care practitioners are eager to improve your hearing and thus your quality of life. Visit us at Central Plaza, Salmiya and Yaal Mall, Fahaheel for a free hearing screening and valuable advice for all your auditory needs.


At International Optique, we provide eye-care for the whole family. Visit us for all your primary eye-care needs and trustworthy optical advice.


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