Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

By Fertility Coach & RTT Practitioner: Paula Hirst


Today I am going to be speaking about a subject that is both close to my heart and one of the most important things we can do, and that’s self-love. 


So why is this such a fundamentally healthy and healing thing to do?   Well to me, self-love is the most important relationship in your life. Loving yourself changes the way you see yourself and the way other people see you too.


Loving yourself improves your self-esteem, it is the great miracle cure for healing your life, it’s the key to helping you be true to yourself, it is the key to happiness and it gives you the wisdom to follow your intuition. At the deepest level self-love helps us heal our personal suffering and to heal our suffering with others. When we love ourselves we stop seeking the approval of others, we trust and value our own opinions and negative self-talk and self-criticism stops which, in turn, leads to spending more time in a better mood each day.  


So many of my clients’ issues are rooted in feelings of not being good enough or not loveable which is such an incredible shame and most of this comes from the messages we received in childhood. 


So how do you experience self-love? Well the incredible Louise Hay suggests that Mirror Work is the fastest way to loving and healing yourself. 


‘You will be with you longer that anyone else on the planet, so you’d better learn to love yourself’– Louise Hay


So, let’s get started with Mirror Work… 


Mirror Work is essentially talking to yourself in front of the mirror in a kind way every single day. When you first begin this practice, you may feel silly or insincere, it doesn’t matter, just do it anyway. It will change you, you will start to feel different within a week of doing this. Take this seriously, you aren’t in front of the mirror to pick faults at your appearance, that’s just the wrapping and it doesn’t last, it changes all the time and it’s far more likely to change in a good way if you are sending good vibes it’s way. We are doing deeper work here so for those few minutes just look into your eyes and say kind things to yourself (see below for how to start this practice). 

You may feel feelings coming up in your body as you say this, be aware of those feelings what are they trying to tell you? 


If the feelings are negative, then keep on going till the feelings leave and if they don’t want to leave that’s ok, it’s normal to come up against some resistance, this is a new practice so just keep going. Conversely if the feelings are positive allow yourself to feel these feelings and take them with you throughout your day. 


Here’s my challenge to you this week. Make a commitment to do your Mirror Work for the next 30 days then take the following steps:


On waking in the morning it’s always good to set the tone for the day by saying something positive to yourself. I like to start by saying; 


“Thank you for an amazing nights sleep, today is going to be awesome I can just feel it”


This sets the intention for my day and it’s sure better than waking up and saying:


“Urgh, I’m dreading today, it’s going to be awful”


If you’re leaving the house with that attitude then, need I say more?!


Then go to the bathroom and take a look in the mirror, smile and say: 


“I love you…..”(say your name)


 Say it a few times over, it may be hard at first, but I promise it gets easier. You can then add any affirmation you choose. Mirror work is a fabulous way to work with affirmations, speak them to yourself in the mirror, tell yourself that you are loveable, no need to say why you are loveable, you just are! You can also use other affirmations for healing your inner-self such as: 


“I am enough”“I love and approve of myself” or  “I am loveable” 


Or anything you feel you need to hear or that you’re working on. When you’re doing your Mirror Work, take note of the feelings in your body, do you feel any resistance to the words you are saying?  Keep going!


Each time you see your reflection, that’s you looking back at you… say:


“I love you”


 See what happens within that 30 days. If you are really doing this properly, you will feel different, just better, lighter, happier.


It doesn’t happen over night however if you bombard yourself with this, you say it on a daily basis, you will notice positive changes in the way you feel about yourself.


Mohammad Ali said: 


“I Told myself I was the greatest before I even was and what happened was; I became the greatest”


People who succeed tell themselves good things over and over until they become it. 


When you practice self-love you start to attract people into your life that match the level of love you have for yourself.


I wish you all the love in the world…


Much love until next time


Paula Hirst – Fertility Coach & RTT Practitioner

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