The Wonder of Contact Lenses

By International Optique

When it comes to eye care, contact lenses always seem to evoke mixed reactions. Some people are petrified of literally "sticking a finger" in their eye, while others love the immediate feeling of being able to see all the time and thus wear their lenses emphatically.


International Optique takes contact lenses very seriously. It is not just fashion as depicted in numerous Instagram campaigns, but more importantly, contact lenses allow you to see clearly and enjoy the freedom that spectacles sometimes cannot provide.


When prescribing a contact lens, one must consider the visual needs of the wearer. Contact lens wear is not based on a "one size fits all" phenomenon, instead careful measurements of the corneal curvature and corneal health are obtained first. Subsequently, the correct prescription is selected. Inserting and removing the contact lenses is taught thoroughly, adhering to strict hygiene instructions. It may take some time to get used to the sensation of having something in your eyes. Afterwards, the lens will be checked to see if it moves optimally on the eye and if the desired vision is achieved.


At the moment, International Optique has some attractive promotions across well-known contact lens brands until the end of December. Visit the Contact Lens Center for further information and the opportunity to complement your look with contact lenses.


At International Optique, we provide eye-care for the whole family. Visit us for all your primary eye-care needs and trustworthy optical advice.


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