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By By Laura Hill

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — The Stretch ClinicMalaysia’s first Active Isolated Stretching massage and physical therapy provider, has launched in Kuala Lumpur.


Advocating pain-free movement, flexibility, and athletic performance, the startup is targeting everyone from desk-bound executives at risk of chronic pain conditions to professional athletes. As the desire for restoration and balance continues to intensify, the brand is positioned well to capitalize on consumer investment on performance optimization.


Practicing a holistic approach to wellness, The Stretch Clinic offers a wide range of treatments including physical therapy, active isolated stretching, stretch and strengthen, stretch and massage, sports massage and therapeutic massages.

The brand’s aim is to “correct and treat numerous types of muscular and neurological injuries, improving overall strength, balance and mobility,” explains Founder and British sports therapist Liam Harkness.


According to Harkness, who has treated the likes of Champions League-winning football players, Olympic gold medalists and notable personalities from around the world, AIS therapy is the gold standard in optimum performance, pain management and rehabilitation.


Created 40 years ago by Kinesiotherapist Aaron Mattes in Florida, today the practice is used by occupational and physical therapists working with professional athletes, the elderly and postoperative care patients. The gentle treatment takes into account individual’s natural barriers and is therefore suitable for everyone, including those in severe pain.


Based on 4 crucial steps, the AIS conditioning technique first assesses patients to determine which joints and tissues are overloaded by poor posture and movement. The next step involves opening up tight muscles and decompressing painful joints like the knees and back, through a series of stretches, before bringing stability and support back to the musculoskeletal system. Finally, the posture and the economy of movement are worked on, to ensure the patient reduces further wear and tear on their joints.


“We firmly believe that optimum performance is for everyone,” argues The Stretch Clinic via its website.


“In today’s world everyone is an athlete leading a busy demanding life and as such we all deserve the finest physical care to perform our daily activities and hobbies in a pain-free, healthy body. 


We believe that everyone should enjoy an active living which is why we emphasize good form and technique and above anything else.”


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