Enhancing Vision - Recognising Details

By International Optique

Enhancing Vision – Recognising Details


Sometimes, spectacles alone cannot give us adequate or acceptable vision. This is a reality which many people face, due to poor health, genetic eye diseases or injury. At International Optique, we recognize the life changing consequences and have partnered with international market leaders to provide aids for the visually impaired.

From our years of optical experience, we understand the trauma associated with vision loss and the effect it causes to the daily routine. We aim to enhance the patient’s quality of life by allowing them to retain certain daily activities with the use of visual aids.

There are many options of visual aids, including handheld, mounted, illuminated or digital magnifiers, each individual in terms of magnification and purpose of use. In fact, normally sighted individuals can also benefit from magnifiers for hobbies or vocations that demand precise vision.

Certain devices are also available for visually impaired students. These can be used in classes or lectures, thus the visual impairment does not become a hindrance to education.

Furthermore, colored filers designed to improve color perception and contrast can also protect the layers of the retina and help to amplify residual vision.

Visual impairment is a delicate matter, therefore we aim to strengthen patients’ self-confidence by retaining and enhancing the remaining vision.


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Visit the Vision Enhancement Center in Central Plaza, Salmiya for further consultation for you or your loved ones.


At International Optique, we provide eye-care for the whole family. Visit us for all your primary eye-care needs and trustworthy optical advice.


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