Anesthesia: Dreading it? Think Again.

By Dr. Mohamed Kamal

Anesthesia: Dreading it?  Think Again.

My name is Dr.Mohamed Kamal, Consultant Endodontist, Prosthodontist and Implantologist.  My job revolves around restoring your teeth in their optimal state and replacing missing teeth.    


Just about everyone dreads the moment the dentist will have to inject anaesthesia, so much so that some patients delay their treatment until absolutely necessary.  This is bad for two reasons: you may aggravate the existing problem, making it more serious with time, thus leading to more invasive procedures that usually cost more.  Fortunately, companies have listened and we now have two devices designed to make your dental visit stress-free and with minimal anxiety

Note that any discomfort or pain associated with an anesthetic shot is more to do with the anesthetic fluid actually entering your body rather than the needle insertion.


STA Computer-Assisted Anesthesia System:

As the name suggests, this mini-computer controls the flow of anesthesia and uses the Wand-a very thin needle attached to what looks like a pen or small wand.  Depending on the type of treatment you are receiving, this device allows the numbing of one tooth, so that you do not have to endure a numb face for the rest of your day.  In all cases, we guarantee minimal anxiety associated with getting your anesthesia via the STA due to its significantly less intimidating appearance compared to the regular syringe, and almost pain-free administration of anesthesia.     



Comfort-In™ Needle less Anesthesia:

This device is small, portable and perfect for those with needle phobia since it does not operate with one! It works by distributing the anesthetic via a spring action through a small orifice in the nozzle of the device and then spreads the anesthetic.  So no needles, easy, quick, and pretty much pain-free.



Why choose us for your dental needs?

Personalized dental care

Patient-centered quality care for short and pain-free visits

Educated and caring professionals

Combining robust dental skills and sophisticated technology that has proven its efficacy in dentistry.  We proudly were the first in Kuwait to acquire the Cerec CAD/CAM System, which introduced the concept of one-visit dentistry in Kuwait

We listen to your needs and use principled dental practices to arrive at the best result

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