Back to School-Stay Focused

By International Optique

Back to School – Stay Focused


The summer is over, which is a relief for most of us here in Kuwait, weather wise. However, for many parents that signals the start of the school year. With it brings the hustle and bustle to buy school supplies, following routines again and arrange after school activities. Yet, an eye test for our children is often overlooked.


Vision and a child's ability to learn are directly related. Hence, just making an appointment at your nearest ophthalmologist and showing up to that appointment is already setting your child up for success in the classroom. In Kuwait, according to law, a child under the age of 12 has to be examined by an ophthalmologist before a prescription for spectacles are dispensed.


After diagnosis and the provision of a prescription, spectacles can be dispensed by an optometrist or optician. It is important that a suitable pair of spectacles are chosen with optically correct fitted lenses. Some of the fitting characteristics to bear in mind would be frame comfort, type of frame to suit the prescription parameters, fitting of the nose bridge and fitting at the back of the ears. These are a few characteristics to consider. More details can be obtained from your optometrist or optician when choosing a frame for your child.


Our new Kid’s Boutique at our Central Plaza branch in Salmiya, will make this process entertaining and easy for your children. We ensure honest advice coupled with functional and fun frame options for your little ones. Choosing spectacles is a "big thing" for "little people."


Come and visit us, where we are making spectacles for back to school, COOL!



Central Plaza Mall- Salem Al Mubarak Str., Salmiya, Opposite American University of Kuwait


Opening Hours:

Sat. to Thurs. 9:30AM-1PM & 5PM-9:30PM. Fri. only 5PM-9:30PM


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25714007 ext. 334









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