One Visit Dentistry and What it Means for You

By Dr. Mohamed Kamal


One Visit Dentistry and What it Means for You.


My name is Dr.Mohamed Kamal, Consultant Endodontist, Prosthodontist and Implantologist.  My passion revolves around restoring your teeth to their optimal state and replacing missing teeth.  One-visit dentistry has revolutionised my job by making it a reality to fabricate crowns, veneers, onlays and some bridges in one visit within our practice. 

This means that you no longer have to take bothersome impressions, wait for final restorations to be completed by a lab, tolerate temporaries, and visit the practice multiple times to finalise your treatment.  The Cerec machine was a natural addition to our practice because it aligns with our philosophy of combining principled dental practices with modern dental technology.

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Why have a Cerec Restoration?

Time-saving –we need you for one visit only.

No temporaries– no compromises, the final restoration is inserted one time.

No dental impressions– no need to worry about the unpleasant impression because we take a digital impression of your teeth with a digital camera.  It’s quick and easy.

Superior accuracy and natural appearance– digital impressions, computer-guided design processes, and a milling machine produce unrivalled accuracy which plays a significant role in the successful insertion and longevity of restorations without complications. 

Why Choose Us for Your Dental Needs?

  • Personalized dental care
  • Patient-centered quality care for short and pain-free visits
  • Educated and Caring Professionals
  • Combining robust dental skills and sophisticated technology that has proven its efficacy in dentistry.  We proudly were the first in Kuwait to acquire the Cerec CAD/CAM System, which introduced the concept of one-visit dentistry in Kuwait
  • We listen to your needs and use principled dental practices to arrive at the best result


We Look Forward to Welcoming You at Our Clinic, and ALL LivinQ8 Readers Will Receive an Exclusive 15% Discount on their visits to our Clinic


Please Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us…..We’d Love to Hear From You!

Our friendly receptionist Mona can be reached on 6509.7010, or you may contact us via.Whatsapp on the same number.  Alternatively you can email us on  You can find us online at or on Instagram @drmokamal.  We are located at the Marina Medical Centre in Salmiya. Please click [Here] for our location.









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