The Revolution is Here

By Emma Clement-Wriede: Health Coach & Nutritional Therapist

The Revolution is Here!


This summer I was asked to provide an impartial review of a newly opened health centre called Your Revolution. Here in Kuwait there is no shortage of diet centres, gyms and health crazes. The one thing they all have in common for me is they address health from one angle – the diet centres take on nutrition; the gyms tackle fitness. These are good things: I’m a big fan of anything that supports the journey to a healthy, happy lifestyle, however, what I do find frustrating is the lack of education. For example, there are a number of places we can go, have our heights measured, our weights noted and pay hundreds of KD for meals that are conveniently delivered to our door every day. These plans are useful and I know many people who have released a lot of weight this way – the problem I see with it is just one…as long as you keep eating what is delivered, you’re feeling good and the number on the scale is dropping, but as soon as you decide to go it alone and plan your own meals, the success tends to slow down and inevitably stop. The same goes for gyms and workouts: trainers can provide you with workout plans and programmes and will advise a combination of cardio and strength training, and, while you attend the gym regularly, all is well and you continue to tone up, slim down and drop those kilos. It usually takes hours and hours per week, but it can work.


What I’ve always been disappointed by is that I’d never found anywhere that combines these two things to help us find a long term solution…until now. Finally, Your Revolution is a one-stop shop for a complete health solution. Not a diet. Not a workout craze that will take hours. A long-term solution.


Here I will share my experiences of dealing with Your Revolution and what I perceive to be the benefits of their solution.


The first thing that struck me was the bikes. From the photos I thought maybe the machines they have are those lazy ones where you just lay down and the machine does all of the work. Ha, that’s not the case. When I realised they are actually bikes that required me to do the work, I wasn’t excited – I don’t love exercise bikes; I have long standing issues with my feet and alignment which always leave me in discomfort and often pain afterwards, but I’d agreed to try so I had a go. 


First to explain fully, these machines are not just bikes, they are recumbent bikes, which means you lay down while you work out. This was great: no impact, no stress on joints, not butt pain from uncomfortable seats (ladies I know you hear me on that).



Let me share first what happens in these new age machines before I get to the effects…


First, before working out, I was weighed and measured. The lady doing this was very pleasant, she offered no judgement or negativity when taking my measurements which I liked, and she wasn’t simply a sales person – she knew what she was talking about with regards to exercise and fitness. Before getting into the bike, I was given a big pair of plastic trousers (one size fits all, and trust me, if they fit me at 6 foot 1 with a 37 inch inseam, they’ll fit you). These are put on over your workout clothes. Then I put on my trainers and the coach helps into a neoprene skirt, which is snug but surprisingly comfortable.


When you’re all prepared in your clown trousers and skirt, you get into the machine which opens up like a sunbed. I laid down so I was comfortable, got my feet strapped into the pedals and the lid was closed. You are only actually inside the machine from the waist down, so for any claustrophobes out there, you needn’t worry. The neoprene skirt is then fastened around the opening of the machine, the coach makes sure there are no gaps and she sets the programme depending on your goals. While you lay on the cushioned exercise bike working out, you can plug in your own music player, or watch the screen right in front of your, tap in your favourite workout music into You Tube and watch while you cycle.


Over the course of six sessions, I tried a variety of programmes. Some I enjoyed more than others, but they all were great workouts. Let me explain how…inside the machine, several things are happening – infrared lights, collagen red lights, vacuum massage, heat, aromatherapy and of course, exercise. I will suggest you ease into it on your first session because the vacuum massage can come as a surprise.


Infrared lights enhance blood flow, help your skin to detox, ease pain, assist in reducing blood pressure reduction and weight loss. Vacuum massage technology stimulates blood circulation, helps increase energy, improves the tone and appearance of skin, reduces cellulite and also aids in weight loss. Collagen red lights increase collagen for smoother and younger looking skin, reduce cellulite, tighten skin and increase blood circulation. These are pretty big claims, but after speaking with my physiotherapist, it was confirmed that the lights and heat specifically are very good for any sort of injuries. This was reassuring, and explained why, after three sessions, my constant knee, calf and foot pain was dramatically reduced. I have not exercised without pain for years, so without the aches, honestly I was questioning whether it could actually be providing any fitness or weight reduction benefits.


I didn’t drop any kilos after six sessions, but my measurements changed – my overall reduction was 15.5cm, which after only six sessions and fifteen days, was impressive.


So back to what to expect…first you’ll want to take shorts to workout in, and you’ll definitely need a change of clothes and underwear because you are going to sweat! And not just a little bit. There will be a towel and water bottle ready for you, which you will appreciate after about ten minutes, and afterwards you will definitely be happy to step into the showers that are in each room, along with shower gel and shampoo. A point I have to note here, the Your Revolution studio is clean. It’s nicely decorated and it even smells good (not what I expected considering how much sweating is going on there). Each bike is in a separate, private room with it’s own bathroom. Towels are provided, which are soft and clean and also smell really good. During your first workout, the coach will pop in and check on you to make sure everything is ok, and at the end of your workout, she comes back to help you out of the machine.


In terms of exercise alone, I love this place. But this is not where it ends. One of the services on offer is a Healthy Exercise Test. It’s possible to make general calculations and estimate your base metabolic rate, which tells you how many calories you burn on a daily basis, from there you can work out roughly how many calories you should consume to reduce your weight, however, these are all rough estimations until you have your exact numbers. Which are hard to get without expensive equipment. This is where Your Revolution comes in. As part of the Healthy Exercise Test, I completed a breathing exercise which involved breathing apparatus connected to technology which, from my breath calculated my metabolic rate, which told me exactly how many calories I burn on a daily basis, just by living – an important number to know if you’re working on reducing your weight. The second part of this test is genetic – I completed mouth swabs (no needles or blood tests) and waited for the results, while my DNA was sent to be analysed.



The results took around two weeks, which was faster than I expected. To collect my results, I attended the Genetak clinic in Salmiya, where Dr Fahd Al-Mulla met with me and explained the findings. We’re big fans of scientific fact in our house, but let’s face it, genetics are complicated and I was a little worried I’d spend the rest of the day googling the words in my report to try and figure out what it all meant…but that’s not how it went at all. Dr Fahd went through the basic findings and it was all completely understandable. The 74 page report, which I have now read in full, was surprisingly easy to read and understand. It detailed how my body responds to diet and exercise, and also what vitamins my body has difficulty processing from food, so I know which I should supplement. It detailed whether my cholesterol can be reduced through exercise or if I need medication, how my insulin and glucose responds to exercise, which is great information with regards to what I should eat and drink before and during workouts.


Included in the report are recommended foods that work particularly well with my body, a detailed seven day meal plan (three meals and several snacks) and a personalised workout schedule with several versions (home workouts, gym workouts and a combination), which not only gives recommended exercises but also intensity level, number of repetitions and intensity guidance.


So in summary, what did I walk away from Your Revolution with? True to their word, I now have a complete health solution. I have a detailed diet plan that is tailor made for my body. This is not something you can figure out for yourself without years of trial and error. I have a detailed workout programme, which again would take years of trial and experience to gain the same results. Armed with all of that knowledge, I now have a place to go where I can spend thirty minute sessions working on my personal programme, created according to the results of a genetic test unique to me. This is a wealth of information to be armed with in terms of health and fitness and finally allows me to put years of trial and error to rest. When we try new fad diets and fitness crazes we can give a myriad of excuses as to why they don’t work, but science cannot be denied. There is no more guess work, I now know exactly what does and doesn’t work for my body and how to achieve the health results I am looking for.


After working out at Your Revolution I am pain free, my thighs are definitely more toned, my legs and butt are firmer, my skin is clearer, I am stronger and fitter and I feel better in general. My mood has lifted and I leave each session feeling surprisingly energized, considering it’s a workout. In my first session I burned 1306 calories, which increased to 1798 after a few sessions. Not fully trusting the machine calculations, I wore my fitness monitor during each session and, while the numbers didn’t match exactly, my monitor also calculated over 1000 calories burned in each session. Which I’m sure you will agree is amazing.


I don’t make bold statements lightly, but I believe Your Revolution may very well be the future workout regime I can easily stick to and maintain. I don’t walk away from things that make me feel good, so Your Revolution will definitely be seeing me regularly in the future. I highly recommend you go and give it a try. I sat down last week and calculated the amount of money I have spent over the past ten years on supplements, specialised diet foods, gym memberships, trainers and workout programmes and the final amount was shocking. Exploring this health solution has saved me a fortune. Not only is it a big saving, it’s the best investment in my future I could make.


You can find Your Revolution on instagram, @yourrevolution_kw or on whatsapp on 55901282. Quote LivinQ8 and book your free trial session. You won’t want to miss out on their summer promotions, so be sure to check them out soon.


This is the first of this technology available in Kuwait, don’t miss out!




*This is an impartial review and no payment was received for it.


Emma Clement-Wriede

Health Coach & Nutritional Therapist


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