One Way DOES NOT Fit All

By Anka Oprisor: Fitness Guru


Most likely you have got into some fitness routine, or not.

Let’s see! Maybe a better explanation when it comes to training will motivate you to stop being a couch potato.

There’s no “ONE WAY FITS ALL” when it comes to training. There are various ways:


  • Training based on your goals, particularities, physical condition, schedule, energy system requirements and ability to recover.


  • Body-part splits. It can be time consuming and impractical for those with fluctuating schedules, yet great for size gains.


  • Total body training. Better for athletes, yet starting in beginner level might work just fine.


  • Push-pull routines are flexible - moderate frequency of movement is better for skill acquisition than body part splits.


  • Intensive/extensive split - heavy/explosive day followed by a metabolic/high-volume day.


  • Agonist/antagonist supersets work opposing muscle groups together, such as doing a bench press and a row.


  • Hypertrophy specialization programs bring up lagging body parts. Focus 3+ days per week on one body part with one day per week for maintaining everything else.


Now, you decide which one suits you better! Yet, if still in doubt try to have a consultation with the PT at the gym in order to clarify which way to go.


A thing for sure, till next time try to stay active and I’ll be right back at you by next week.



Anka Oprisor is a Master Trainer, EMS Specialist & Nutritionist and can be contacted by email: and direct messaged from her Instagram account: @anka_oprisor



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