The Expat Syndrome

By Master Trainer & Nutritionist: Anka Oprisor


Guidelines for the “Expat Syndrome”


Do you relate? By name most likely not, yet by meaning I bet you do ;) and as we are on a platform dedicate to the expat community in Kuwait, what a greater place for me than this to approach the topic!?


Due to my profession (and being an expat myself) I’ve been hit so many times by the same story and asked for help or advice in the matter, that, here I am, speaking it out.


So, you come into a country where (most likely) you know nobody. Job is new and overwhelming. Colleagues are from different cultures and backgrounds; you don’t get to bond immediately. House is okay but not that comfortable (at least not till you get few decoration pieces to make it more homey). Food… OHH! FOOD!?!? Great, you have to sort out the nearest supermarket, yet the only thing you find nearby is a bakala so for a while you end up eating around, trying different places and restaurants. You get out of your usual routine. No more exercising – and you find no fast solution for it. No social life. The result? Sad - home sick - wrong mindset: and a few extra kilos on board. You relate now?


Well, you are on LivinQ8, a place where all “the drama” is no drama and all can be sorted out, but let me introduce myself as well: Anka, nice to meet you! Hereon I’ll be your fitness guru! As the other aspect are covered pretty much well.


You can find me in the Food/Restaurants review from now on, so we get to fully cover this aspect up ;)


Ready? Are you having your sport shoes on already?


But first thing first: it’s 80% nutrition and 20% exercising, so eat with purpose!

Second: only nutrition doesn’t work. You’ll be flabby with no shape, but skinny bones. Not attractive!

Third: exercise! But what? you’ll say…


3 sets of: I’m not going to the kitchen in the middle of the night!

3 sets of: Sugar is not my friend! French fries neither!

And 45min. of daily activity.


This is it for today. Gonna’ be back at you with weekly fitness tips so stay tuned!

                                                                                                                                                                Ma Salama!


Anka Oprisor is a Master Trainer, EMS Specialist & Nutritionist and can be contacted by email: and direct messaged from her Instagram account: @anka_oprisor



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