New Kids Optical Boutique Now Open

By International Optique

Celebrating our 40th anniversary last month, has brought upon some reflection within the International Optique family-the younger generation is the future! Hence, we have just opened a bigger and brighter Kids Optical Boutique at our Central Plaza branch.


Your children's vision is directly related to their success at school-80% of most learning is visual. In fact, it is recommended that the first eye test of a child's life should be at six months old. The pediatrician is an important link in determining the need for an eye test, as most children are seen by them at regular intervals. Thereafter, most hospitals or private eye clinics in Kuwait are capable of providing this service. According to health laws in Kuwait, all children under twelve need to be seen by an ophthalmologist for a comprehensive visual examination.


After diagnosis & the provision of a prescription, spectacles can be dispensed by an optometrist or optician. It is important that a suitable pair of spectacles are chosen with optically correct lenses. This is where the unrivalled experience and service of the Kids Optical Boutique at International Optique comes in.


At International Optique, our Kids Optical Boutique ensures that our experienced & qualified opticians offer a customized service to your children's individual spectacle needs. Our boutique is colorful, cheerful & inviting. This makes children of all ages feel at ease when choosing a frame from the widest selection of children's eyewear in Kuwait. We ensure that the most precise lens measurements as prescribed by your doctor is presented in a fashionable & functional pair of spectacles. For trusted advice & service, you & your children are most welcome at International Optique's Kids Optical Boutique.








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