A morning of decadence

the Talise Spa in the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa

By Gillian Pope

After my massage and back in the waiting room I was offered tea or water with lemon or cucumber. I chose tea which was served with dates and figs. From there I decided to try out the Colour Therapy Room first, this intrigued me as I had never seen or heard of this before. I walked into a room lit up in blue with two relaxing chairs.   The Colour Therapy Room is used to remove all negative energy and you can spend as much time as you like in there. From there I tried the famous Salarium (Himalayan Salt Room).  This is a first of its kind in the Middle East; the natural, pure salt is used for healing many different ailments. It was very difficult to lie on the water bed and not drift off to sleep but after a good twenty minutes it was time to wake myself up and I headed off to the Experience showers. This was also a new experience for me and perhaps for many others.  Here I had the option of choosing mint or strawberry and I didn’t quite know what to expect. After pressing the mint button I had heated jets of water coming out the sides of the shower wall and at the same time from directly above me, a flow of cold mint water came tumbling down.   The combination of both warm and cold water was exhilarating and refreshing. Then,  I headed to the heated hydro pool which is equipped with ergonomic loungers designed to provide full body air jet and swan neck massages.

Unfortunately I am quite claustrophobic, so I did not use the Sauna or Steam room but I did open the Snow Cabin and felt very tempted to walk inside for a minute but as I wasn’t warm enough from the Sauna I decided to remain on the outside. The Snow Cabin, which as the name suggests, is very cold and is used to close your pores and really refresh you, after having been in the heated area. No need to travel to the Arctic Circle for a sauna and a jump into a freezing pool to achieve the same affect – it is all right here at the Talise Spa!

Unfortunately it was now time to end my wonderful morning and I headed off to the showers where shampoo, conditioner and soap are all provided.  In the locker area, hair dryers, body cream, deodorant, nail file, ear buds and even a tooth brush are also provided. There is nothing the Talise Spa has not thought of.

Finally it was a thank you and cheerio to Rochelle, Joy and Sweta for a truly fantastic spa experience and I certainly look forward to returning to try some of the other massages on offer.

Call 2226 9688 for an appointment.  - jmbtalise@jumeirah.com








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