Delicious Asian Cuisine in the Heart of Kuwait City

By Claire Hayden: LivinQ8's CEO

Delicious Asian Cuisine in the Heart of Kuwait City


Imagine a place in Kuwait where the food tantalises your tastebuds, the promise of true Asian cuisine rings true and the ambiance has an eclectic vibe that just wants to entice you back for more the same experience……


Well, we have found this haven, in the heart of Kuwait City, at the magnificent Four Seasons Hotel, Kuwait by Burj Alshaya. SinToHo. SinToHo is a kind of acronym to describe the cuisines that are served:

Sin – Singaporean

                To – Tokyo

                Ho – Hong Kong (Chinese)


As we entered the restaurant, past the large decorative water features, we were warmly greeted as we drank in the high ceilings and minimalist decor, the incredible city views from the 21st floor of downtown Kuwait, and soaked in the super cool, chilled vibe whilst observing the various live cooking stations. Colourful dim sum, fresh sushi, a robatayaki grill and a fabulous teriyaki show was a feast for our eyes alone to enjoy!



Welcomed with a delicious lychee infused, warm green tea, we set upon the exciting mission of choosing our culinary feast from a well thought out menu. The selection was varied, but not so extensive to become confusing, and to help us with our choices were the knowledgeable SinToHo team. Taken care of by the wonderful Justine, she guided us through the delights on offer to assist us with our choices……


Starters ranged from Japanese slider, with Wagyu beef and black truffle shavings to a Shabu-Shabu Hot Pot, that consisted of Wagyu sirloin, oyster mushrooms, baby bok choy, beancurd stick and spig boullion.


Whilst we waited for our delicious starters, we were treated with a scallop & shrimp shou mai, a dark coloured dim sum, home, to the delicious combination.



For starters, we chose a variety of soups; the Singaporean Laksa Soup, full of succulent shrimp, thick, soft udon noodles in a delicately flavoured, spicy coconut broth, complete with quails egg, which was a wonderful surprise! A miso soup, that isn’t on the menu, but was willingly crafted for us to try, the seaweed was flavourful, the shitake mushrooms had great substance and the tofu, wonderfully silky and finally the Hong Kong duck soup, which had us amazed with the fact the noodles are made from sweet potato, having an unusual texture, the dark, gamey duck, served in a slightly spicy broth containing shitake mushrooms, with tender baby bok choy, added a splash of colour and a refreshing, vegetative foundation to the rich flavours. A rich and flavourful soup, that was most certainly heart warming and satisfying.



Whilst enjoying our soups we had chosen a delicious mocktail, there are only 3 on the menu, each one mixed to represent each of the countries cuisines on offer at SinToHo; we chose Takao San: a perfect blend of matcha tea, rock melon juice and kiwi puree, representing the Mount Takao in Tokyo.


After the warming soups we moved onto the Makizushi, with so many unusual options available such as eel & foie gras served with a passion fruit salsa, to the simple rainbow rolls, fresh Nigiri & Sashimi were also available, that included French Wild Seas Bass, Japanese Tuna and Norwegian Salmon……we settled on the Lobster Sensation. Tempura lobster, that had the lightest, but crispiest batter you can imagine, and with each bite we tasted the soft and juicy lobster within, combined with the sweetness of tiny chunks of mango and young coconut, it was simply divine, and I could have easily eaten this all night, BUT, other delights were in waiting!



Now at SinToHo they make everything from scratch, including the dim sum, using the freshest ingredients. The dim sum are freshly made every day and cooked to order, live at the dim sum station. Dim sum, that has its Cantonese origins, dating back to the 3rd century, is cooked and served in the traditional bamboo steamer baskets, with a variety of fillings to choose from. We opted for the shrimp, scallop that was crafted into mini pumpkins (super cute, and almost too pretty to eat), my favourite; the mushroom that was stuffed full of oyster mushrooms and the vegetable dim sum, a beautiful green colour, filled with tofu, bok choy and spring onion. All the dim sum were served with a selection of three sauces: soy with ginger, soy and black vinegar, and sambal; a spicy sauce that is full of tomatoes, chilli, black vinegar, soy and galangal (a variety of ginger).



We didn’t stop at the dim sum and moved onto our main course. With many options available from fish dishes such as Chilean sea bass with a jalapeno sauce and pomegranate syrup, or honey glazed salmon with lotus root and shimeji mushroom, or to be served from one of the live cooking stations that included the Robatayaki Grill that had some of the biggest king prawns that I had ever seen in a teriyaki glaze and marble 5 Wagyu fillet mignon skewers. Difficult decision were made, the Singapore Crab and SinToHo’s signature dish, Peking Duck.


The crab was served in its shell, full of succulent, juicy crab meat, that was sweet, yet spicy at the same time, served on a bed of vermicelli rice and with a side dish of soft steamed bao and sticky garlic rice, it was a dish that was savoured immensely and enjoyed.



The Supreme SinToHo Special, prepared by Chef Roggan Xu is a house speciality. Prepared & marinated over 24 hours with Chef Xu’s unique recipe, it boasts to be the best Peking Duck in K-Town! The gamey, dark duck arrived to our table with a perfectly crisp skin, with the meat tender and light. Served with the traditional pancakes, homemade hoisin & plum sauce, fresh finely chopped leeks and cucumber with fragrant coriander, it certainly lived up to its reputation…it was DIVINE!!!!



Now after all those incredible dishes, and wonderful flavours, it’s a mystery how we managed to squeeze in dessert…..but we did. We made our selection and decided to share the green tea fondue, and it was the perfect way to end our meal. The dipping items, sour but sweet cherry choux, candied chestnut, yuzu meringue, crisp coconut tuille, lemon financier and fresh sweet pineapple and mango, made wonderful accompaniments for the unusually sweet green tea dip.



With tummy’s pleasantly full and counting our blessings we knew the traditional tea would help, and SinToHo has 20 varietys you can choose from! With and without caffeine, fruity or traditional, there really is something for everyones palette to enjoy. My choice, Nuit d’ete, a blend of apple, strawberry and pistachio, was served in a glass tea pot and brewed to perfection, it truly was the perfect way to end our meal.



Is that where our surprises ended? No! We were thanked at the end of our meal, with a hand inscribed white chocolate plaque, and sweet, rolled marzipan with matcha and almond, filled with mango and passion fruit, with sprinkles of green tea.



Our experience at SinToHo was a fabulous one, and one we highly recommend. It’s a place that we can’t wait to share with friends, and return to, over and over again. If you go from now until the 17th February you can enjoy the Chinese New Year Celebrations too! Complete with traditional music and performers…. So what are you waiting for? Book today and enjoy a culinary experience that you won’t forget.


To make a reservation, call +(965) 2200 6000 or email:


Please note this is an honest review, and LivinQ8 would not share anything that was untrue or negative, preferring to share a bad expereince with the owners, to give them the chance to rectify any issues, before we redid/published a review.









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