Pauls.....They do Healthy Too!

By Anka Oprisor


When you think of Pauls, most likely you picture tasty freshly baked pastry and desserts. Yumm! Tea and those French breads with butter. A dream. Yet, look what I have in here!? Avocado - Egg Avo energy fuel.


I have always loved Pauls (dunno if he loves me back though) but checking the menu out more I was beautifully surprised to see tasty goes all the way healthy.


PAUL’s success story dates back to its start as a humble bakery in northern France over 125 years ago. Enormous respect for tradition and use of the finest quality ingredients have made Paul what it is today – a very successful international brand, part of France’s culinary and cultural heritage, catering to the French way of life in its selection of bread, viennoiseries, pâtisseries, sandwiches, soups and salads, plus a selection of signature French dishes. The value of quality fresh produce is at the heart of its success.


So, note it down if you too want delicious & healthy, there is most definitely a Pauls Restaurant right close to you. They have locations at, Marina Mall, Tavern 2, The Avenues - Phase 3, The Cube., The Gate Mall and all with amazing service and ambience.


Maybe we get to meet there. Bon Appetit!


Anka Oprisor

Foodie Extraordinaire


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