Fancy Caribbean for Lunch?

By LivinQ8


Located in Abu Halifah, Kuwait; Caribbean Hut Restaurant is dedicated to bringing Authentic Caribbean and South American Cuisine to the Middle East.


Caribbean Hut Restaurant was established 1st July of 2012 to meet the demand of an ignored community within the Expat population. That community being those people of Caribbean countries such as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico as well as other Caribbean countries.


Since the Chef and Owner is Puerto Rican, the restaurant has always had a focus on Puerto Rican cuisine. While, this continues to be true, the current menu has diversified in order to meet the demand of another ignored community within the Expat population. That being the people of South American countries such as Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela.


Lately, there have been many Mexican or Tex Mex restaurants that have opened in Kuwait, but the rest of Latin American cuisines have been ignored. Caribbean Hut hopes to rectify that in their restaurant. It is the goal of Caribbean Hut to eventually have at least one dish from every South American country since in Kuwait you can find at least one representative from each country.


Ramadan Opening times are 7pm until midnight, and closed all day Mondays.

Please note they will closed from June 10th and re-opening on June 21st.


ALL LivinQ8 readers will receive a 10% discount when they mention LivinQ8 and show this article.


To receive a FREE Meal to the value of 30KD, please click [Here] and tell us when The Caribbean Hut opened. Competition closes 10th June, the winner will be announced in our newsletter on the 14th June.


Call 6074.6200 or visit their website  for further details








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