Healthy Chocolate Morsels......?

By LivinQ8


Healthy Chocolate Morsels


During this Holy month, we are invited to many occasions, and of course, we never go empty handed. If you’re looking for something different to the regular sweets and cakes, then Joy should certainly be on your radar.


A successful project by a young entrepreneur Yasmin Al Wazzan, who begun her baby from home, dipping strawberries in chocolate and gifting/selling them to friends and family…and we know, her father shared these delicious morsels with us, bringing them to the office at Kefan Optics, many moons ago. This simple concept has now developed into an award winning franchise, known as Joy Confections.


With their initial opening in Tijaria tower as a simple coffee shop, the incredible success surprised the owners, causing them to expand their seating into the mall (not just confined to the interior), and to open in Gate Mall & recently, The Spot, Messila in Kuwait, reaching out into the GCC (including UAE & KSA).


We chose Joy as our choice of confectioner for our friends recent 30th Birthday, we didn’t want a cake, that often goes wasted, we wanted something different, and Joy gave us that. Sitting with Mary, one of their wonderful team members, she guided us to what was available, the many different options, and we settled on the letter ‘C’ crafted from BIG, FAT, SUCCULENT strawberries dipped in high quality chocolate, little chocolate cups filled with fresh, tart raspberries and beautifully scented fresh flowers, with an added, iced inscription for the birthday girl. We were NOT disappointed. The delivery arrived on time, suitably packaged so no accidents could destroy this work of art, and was the birthday girl happy? Indeed, she and the guests were awed by the display and leftovers….you guessed, there were none!!!!


We have also had the delight to experience on many occasions the delicious giftboxes available, that include your choice of dipped fruit, beautifully arranged within a suitable box and decorated with fresh flowers……surely fruit dipped in chocolate is a healthy option compared to chocolate cake?


So next time you’re looking for a delicious alternative to cake, why not give JOY a shout? They’re available on Talabat, or call/visit them at:


Messila, The Spot : Gate Mall : Tijaria Tower : 2296.8700 : Whatsapp 9006.1902 & 9795.1703








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