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Rosacea is one of the trickiest skin conditions to treat as there are different types of Rosacea and at times confused with Acne Rosacea which is possible or other skin conditions. Whilst there is no cure of Rosacea there are treatments that can keep it under control. The main reason there is no cure for Rosacea is because the blood vessels in the skin are quite visible causing flushing and persistent redness. There are different levels of Rosacea such as “Mild Rosacea” “Erythema” “Rosacea with acne” which is different to “Acne with Erythema”


Rosacea is common in celtic skin and if left untreated or treated incorrectly it will get worse. You need to be careful when treating Rosacea as the skin is extremely sensitive and can react to many ingredients. Some myths about rosacea is not to exfoliate but this is so important yet the wrong exfoliation can cause the skin to become inflamed and irritated. Gentle, anti inflammatory, non invasive peels can help with Rosacea. Hydration is also important. The right treatments including CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy or needling. With Rosacea the skin tends to be thinner than normal and weaker the right treatment will strengthen the collagen and elasticity of the skin.


Mild Rosacea the main problem here is that the skin is always red and can be easily irritated with the wrong products or make up used to cover up the redness. It's easier to treat and control mild rosacea.


Erythema can be caused by the following; sunburn, skin injury, infection or inflammation, allergic reaction, even by massage as pressure is used, or even after waxing or tweezing. Even certain medications can also cause erythema. What causes this redness in most cases is there is increased blood flow in the superficial capillaries and the capillaries become dilated. There are various treatments and skincare products that can help this condition.


Rosacea with acne can be difficult to treat and a common cause of this is by using the wrong products, going through a hormonal change with the Rosacea condition. Not to be confused with someone that already has acne then experiences erythema. Regardless we need to address what is the primary cause and then look at how the skin is reacting to a variety of things.


Whilst I worked in Kuwait I did find a few clients did suffer from mild rosacea and I even had a client do a green peel and a course of skin needling and it most certainly helped. The right skincare is so vital for this skin condition as the wrong products can make the condition worse.


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