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Bvlgari was founded in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris a silversmith from Greece he was later Italianized to Sortirio Bvlgari. He began his first jewellery shop in Rome and became an international brand initially selling only silver pieces he expanded into watches, leather goods, accessories and fragrances and became popular amongst celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor.


In 1993 Bvlgari launched it's very first fragrance “Eau Parfumee au The Vert” and it certainly wasn't going to it's last. Over the years I have gone through many of their fragrances as I find them to just as fine as their jewellery. I also love how they have a baby fragrance which I bought for my godson Oscar when he was born and it is the perfect scent for a baby. Their fragrances are described as an inspiration by the force of nature, capturing the refinement of Bvlgari's essence and are crafted like a precious jewel.


A couple of years ago when I was travelling my eye caught the new Le Gemme range I looked at the bottles and was in awe of their presence. These bottles were absolutely stunning and even when you would have finished the fragrance inside the bottle is too good to let go of it should certainly be kept!


I remember inhaling the Ambero bottle and I had to spray it all over my arms and whilst I was on the plane I would inhale the scent and the longer it stayed on me the more I fell in love with it! On my way back from where I was travelling I smelt several from the range and I recalled I would spray two on my right arm and and Ambero all over my left arm and again Ambero won!


Last week when I was on my way back to Sydney I went via Dubai and I almost bought another bottle of Oud Malak but then I walked over to the Bvlgari fragrances and just stared at the bottle of Ambero it stood tall like a strong man it has this amazing presence and when I picked up the bottle the weight of it was heavier than your average fragrance bottle I removed the magnetic lid inhaled the nozzle like it was oxygen and again I fell in love with the fragrance! The sales lady helping me asked me if I would also like to take it, I asked how much it was and she told me there was 20% because of Eid well that was all I needed to hear so I politely asked if she could take back the Oud Malak and I purchased my very first Le Gemme. I just sprayed myself and thought whoever sits next to me is one lucky person!


When I got home and opened up my beautifully packaged fragrance of Ambero I felt so incredibly special. It is presented with a little booklet that talks about the range. So to my surprise it says the following:

The very front has:








I thought “oh well it's not the first time I have worn a male fragrance” and went on to read:


“Following Le Gemme collection for women, Bvlgari revolutionizes perfume codes with six majestic eaux de parfum dedicated exclusively to me. These fragrances are inspired by Emblematic and Masculine gemstones from diverse continents. They transport us on a journey to other worlds and times..... The Bvlgari Gems Road

You are now in possession of a luxurious object. An exclusive fragrance of great authenticity and nobility”


The range consists of:  TYGAR – Tyger's Eye; MALAKEOS – Malachite; AMBERO – Amber; GYAN – Sapphire; GARANAT – Red Garnet; ONEKH – Onys


Ambero is described as:

“The resplendent glow of Kahraman Amber is the most ancient, natural treasure of the Mediterranean Levant. The scent is a tribute to the Phoenician god Melkart, a paragon of masculinity revered from Levant to Spain, who carried a wonderful shield made of Amber as a symbol of power.”


It's scent is best described as a warm woody oriental fragrance which also has ginger from India, pink pepper, amber and saffron. I have not used it as yet as I am waiting for a special occasion (hopefully that will be soon!) I must say that I did love the Onekh as it has Oud but the Ambro won this competition!


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