Mastiha, A Gift from Greece

By Beauty & Skincare Expert: Ruby Chehade


Magnificent Mastiha


Hi everyone this week I am still in a beautiful part of the world – Greece if you have not been I highly recommend you come here, I am very fortunate to be here with a very good friend who has taken me to the best bars, cafes, restaurants, shown me amazing sites and is also here to meet with a company that she is the soul distributor for in Australia and New Zealand which leads me to this weeks blog about skincare.


I was fortunate enough yesterday to go with my dear friend Vicky for a meeting with the company Sodis the creators of Mastic Spa – it is a Unique Innovative Natural Skincare company Free of Parabens, Mineral Oils, etc. The Main ingredient throughout this whole range is called “Mastiha” pronounced “Mastika” is comes from a tree only found in the southern part of the Island Chios and no where else in the world is this ingredient found. When the tree is cut a sap or resin will weep from the tree also know as the “teardrop” of Mastic Tree – it is a unique agricultural product, distinct for it's place and production as well as it's properties and multiple applications in cosmetology and pharmaceutical. It is officially recognised as a natural medicine as it can treat “Dyspeptic problems” and “Skin inflammation and healing of skin wounds” The Sodis family discovered that when a branch from the tree was cut whilst the resin was released the particular part that had been cut repaired itself which lead to their research finding that this ingredient had healing properties and is anti inflammatory.


It is used in so many things and is found virtually everywhere in Greece, from Skincare to toothpaste to hair products to certain foods, gums and liquors. When I first got here I went to the beach within the first two days and no matter how much sunscreen I use I know as I am so fair. I used the skincare range of Mastiha and Aloe Vera and it instantly soothed and hydrated my skin. I also suffer from awful mosquito bites and again I used the soothing gel and it instantly soothed taking away the itching sensation. After using this range I was more than intrigued with it. So I began to ask my friend more about it and she told me she had a meeting with the owners of the company and invited me a long to it.


During the meeting I got to sample a few of their hydrating and lifting products and I learnt so much more about this amazing product. I also learnt that the Mastiha and Aloe Vera products are certified organic. They had a range that I also fell in love with called “Aqua Mastic Therapy” as it uses natural spring water which is known to have magnesium which is a carrier  of ingredients to a cellular level i.e. delivering the active ingredients to the dermis layer. It has antibacterial/antifungal properties and it was used by the Egyptians in ancient times to purify their water. They also have a product that you place in your water that helps with digestion and can kills the “Heliobacter of pylorus” which is found in your gut as it has an antimicrobial action not to mention it's affect on liver function is also significant as it activates it's detoxification activity. . The Sodis family goes back 4 generations and began using Mastiha in the eighteen hundreds as they were a family of Pharmacists.


I know that a lot of Arabs in general like this product as from a very young age I noticed the Lebanese people that I knew would only buy gum that was made with this ingredient. I didn't realise how much more to this ingredient there was. My dear friend makes candles with Mastiha which just smell devine. I encourage you all to check it out. I know there is a Mastiha shop in Dubai that you can also follow on instagram you can also go to www.sodisbrands.comand you can read up on the history.


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