Duty Free Beauty Tips

By Beauty & Skincare Expert: Ruby Chehade


I am so sorry I missed you all last week as I was travelling and whilst I had every intention of writing something I realised that jet lag is real and it hit me and I was in a daze for a couple of days. Which brings me to the little remedies that I like especially when I travel. For those of you don't know me very well – I am assuming most of  you I love to travel and I travel a lot and I just love spending hours in duty free looking at all of the different fragrances one can buy.


So for those of you that like to save all your money to buy your cosmetics, fragrances and skincare for when you travel here are my thoughts in those areas. When it comes to fragrance I am all for duty free but depending where you are travelling to I have found that the best Duty Free prices are in the UK, Gibralta and Malta. If you are travelling to Lebanon they also do have very good duty free prices when it comes to fragrances, Kuwait sadly doesn't. I have just arrived into Greece and I can tell you that the duty free prices here are not good for fragrances.


As for cosmetics I am all for getting your designer make up from a duty free counter it will always be a good saving but depending on where you are you may not find certain colours or products as a lot these companies do make things specifically for the duty free market. Lancome is known for doing packs of mascara of 2 or 3 which are great value, people are told that your mascara will only last for 6 months this is false unless of course you leave it in the most undesirable place like your oven turned on or out in the sun in Kuwait there is no need to leave your mascara in the fridge as you need your ingredients to be at room temperature consistency for the best application.


When it comes to buying skincare duty free there is one thing I will say please don't you are not been treated by someone with the knowledge of a caring therapist that knows and understands your skin. You are literally been served by someone that needs to reach their target and the brands I recommend cannot be purchased duty free. I think you all know my thoughts on skincare and I won't compromise my own regime with something that is new and sounds great.


Know your allowances when travelling regarding your duty free purchases most countries allow you to have a field day but for Australians it is incredibly strict and you can pay the tax again. If you have more than the allowances stated for Australia you will need to declare it if you don't you become a red flag and you will be fined and the whole purpose was to save a little. Most other countries are quite good though.


For those of you travelling and escaping the Kuwaiti heat enjoy your Duty Free shopping! 


If you have any questions feel free to send me an email: findingtheperfectscent@gmail.com


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